Freak of the Week

1. Urethra Franklin - 2. Lady CaCa - PLAYOFF ***WINNER*** 3. UpChuck Norris - 4. Deadty White -
Edward smith talks about how he makes love to cars Edward Smith told a tv show that although he has made love to 700 cars in his lifetime, he has now settled down with the ‘love of his life’ - a Volkswagen Beetle he calls ‘Vanilla’. Mr Smith, 63, is a mecaphile, which means he...
Listen in below and decide on who you think is our FREAK OF THE WEEK! 1. REFRIGERATOR PERRY 2. TENNIS THE MENACE 3. DEADY WHITE ***WINNER***
1) Steve Knobs Dong pics for a new iPhone, straight up. 2) Urethra Franklin *** WINNER *** At home nurse needed to give me pleasureable STD tests 3) Matthew McGonauGay Bi-White male looking to co-write a role play scene
1) HULK JO-GAN 2) LIL' WANG 3) LADY CACA ***WINNER*** with a whopping 80% of the vote
1. C3P-Ho ------------------ 4% of the vote 2. Sheeter Gabriel ----------------- 16% of the voate 3. The Apost-hole ---------------- 74% of the vote.. ***WINNER*** 4. Physi-'Cal' ---------------- 6% of the vote
Listen in below to the freaks and cast your vote on this week's FOTW 1. FLESH-PIMPLE PAM 2. WHEN HARRY MET HAIRY 3. UP-CHUCK NORRIS ***WINNER***
It's that time again and today we have Patrico's DAD reading the Freak of the week. Listen in and cast your vote! HERE ARE THE FREAKS!! 1. SIR 'CUL' - 22% of the vote 2. LADY "JENNY" DYKSTRA - 8% of the vote 3. PHYSI 'CAL' - ****WINNER**** 70% OF THE VOTE
MISTER GARY is in the house and he's here to read your FREAKS OF THE WEEK! Listen below and make your picks for this weeks FREAK OF THE WEEK 1. LABOR DAVE 2. THE APOST-HOLE ***WINNER*** 80% OF THE VOTE!!! 3. SMELL GIBSON