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1. ALICE IN CHAINS -------15% of the vote

Slave for you. Need a guy to handle a BDSM and regular lifestyle. I want to be your slut slave. Train me and slave me. Throw me in chains and leave me locked up for hours. Come back and ravage me whenever you choose. Sorry no Bosnians. I do have a C-section scar. Don't send pics, I love being surprised.

2. CHRISTIAN WIG --------- ***WINNER*** 43% of the vote

Do you like wig play? Are you dating a brunette but can't stop thinking about your blonde stepsister you've always had something for. You won't find no whiskers on this mister. I also have a bald skull cap in case you have a thing for me playing a cancer patient.

3. PRANK SINATRA ---------- 42% of the vote

Tube tied pranker. Looking for a white man under 40 to help us out. My wife has expressed interest in being with another man while I watch. I like doing pranks. My wife is not on birth control and I'd like you to prove you have a vasectomy. I'll give you directions to pull out but here's the rub. I want you to stay in. It will be hilarious and freak her out.

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Freak of the Week

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1. Nudey Giuliani 2. The Virgin Gary 3. Key and Feele ***WINNER*** Listen to their crazy Craigslist ads below and...
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