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Looking for older bear flatulant friend. Looking for someone to fart in my face. The longer the better. Silent but deadly are very welcome as I love to be surprised. Your picture gets mine in return. Butt pictures get moved to the front or should I say rear!?


"What's up yall. Mid 20's black man looking for a big white sister from another mister. I prefer women who think they are smaller than they actually are. I would love to have you literally rip out of your yoga pants. Looking for a BBW to help me get it. During sex I love verbally degrating my conquests. If you are not comfortable with the N word this isnt for you. Talk at you soon."


VOM DOM. This may sound wierd to some but this is a huge fantasy for me. First and foremost realize that there is no sex involved. There will be no touching. Can anyone help me. I am extremely turned on by the sound of people getting sick. If you or someone you know can puke on demand I'd like to meet up for some one on one time. I prefer you eat a hearty meal. I am very real and discreet.


WINNER??  Your votes have been counted and here are the results (SHOCKING):

3rd place (8%) - Michael Blackson

2nd place (14%) - Puke Of Earl

1st Place (78%) - Tootie

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