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A Guy Tries to Cash in a Fake Lottery Ticket and Gets Rejected . . . So He Tries Again at Lottery Headquarters

With scratch-off lottery tickets, it seems like you're always one number away from winning the jackpot.  Which they do intentionally, so you'll buy more tickets.  Here's a guy who decided to stop falling for it . . . and did something SO much dumber.

45-year-old Michael Shaske of Tahlequah, Oklahoma recently bought a $3 lottery ticket that had a bunch of symbols you need to match up.  And he was one symbol away from winning 20 grand.  (Tahlequah is about 170 miles east of Oklahoma City.)   So he bought a second ticket . . . cut out the symbol he needed, and GLUED it to the first ticket.  Apparently he didn't realize that when you turn in a winning lottery ticket, they just scan the barcode. 

Anyway, he tried to cash it in at two different convenience stores . . . where they wouldn't have even HAD $20,000 in cash.  But both cashiers realized the ticket was doctored, and told him to beat it.   Which is when he decided to drive three hours to Oklahoma City . . . and try to cash it in at the lottery's HEADQUARTERS.  They of course immediately called police, who showed up and arrested him.  FAIL!


Mauricio Isidro Rivera Hernandez, from Guatemala, was taken aside by U.S. Customs and Border Protection at Newark Liberty International Airport earlier this month after raising suspicion with his three checked bags containing cookies. Upon inspection, the baked goods in question were not just cookies, but also vessels for three pounds of cocaine. CBS New York reports that Rivera Hernandez was turned over to Port Authority police and is facing narcotics smuggling charges. FAIL!


Authorities say a Connecticut man who told his probation officer he wasn't foolish enough to bring drugs into a courthouse had been hiding 19 bags of pot in his left sock.

Darren Shelley had a hearing Monday in Stamford Superior Court on a charge of possession with intent to sell but the case was continued until Aug. 7.

Authorities say the 22-year-old Stamford man reeked of marijuana when he met June 9 with his probation officer.  When the officer asked about it, Shelley allegedly said he was "not a fool" and "did not bring drugs into the court."  But the officer says a pat down revealed the bags of pot.

Shelley was being held on $5,000 bond. He faces a possible revocation of his probation - FAIL!


Authorities say one woman has stabbed a man at a gathering centered on peace and nonviolence in the Uinta National Forest.

Wasatch County Sheriff’s deputy Chris Goode says 32-year-old Leilani Novak-Garcia gouged the man twice with a knife at a campsite about 1 a.m. Monday.

His name was not immediately released. Forest rangers told investigators they earlier heard someone shout, “I’ll kill you.”  The woman, known to some as “Hitler,” had fled by the time officers arrived. She was arrested later in the day. FAIL!

Teens' attempted car theft foiled by stick shift

Three teens who tried to steal a Seattle woman's car Saturday afternoon may have learned a valuable lesson about driving: Learn how to drive a stick shift, police said.

Nancy Fredrickson said she spent most of Saturday on the water. When she got home after picking up a sleeping bag at a garage sale, she decided to take it out of her trunk.  "Slammed it down and that's when I turned around," Fredrickson said.
Three teenage boys were staring at her, she said. One of them had a gun pointed at her face.
"He goes 'I want your keys' and I thought it was a joke!" Fredrickson exclaimed.
Fredrickson said her body froze as the three suspects got into her car thinking their getaway was within reach. There was just one problem.
"I got a 5-speed in there, and they couldn't figure out how to get it going," Fredrickson said.
Surveillance cameras at a nearby business captured the suspects running away through a nearby parking lot, police said. Officers never found them.  FAIL!

A Woman Was Taking Photos on Some Train Tracks . . . So Of Course She Was Hit by a Train

33-year-old Sonnie Lee Smith of St. Augustine, Florida was standing on some railroad tracks taking photos on Monday afternoon . . . and you can probably guess where this goes.  Yes, she was hit by a train.  Of course she was hit by a train.  Amazingly, Sonnie survived . . . there's no word if her photos turned out cool or not. FAIL!


A 26-year-old guy in Minnesota broke into a house last week, stole some cash and credit cards, and logged into Facebook on a computer while he was there . . . but he forgot to log out.  So when the victim got home, he passed along the guy's info to the cops, and they arrested him.  He's facing up to 10 years in prison.  FAIL!

A Fishing Boat Crashed Into a Dock in New York . . . Because the Captain Was Having a Threesome

A 51-year-old guy from New Jersey met a 60-year-old couple at a bar in New York on Saturday night, and invited them on his boat for a little cruise.  But the boat eventually crashed into a dock . . . because they'd started having a THREESOME.  The woman broke her nose and jaw, and the 51-year-old was charged with operating a boat under the influence.  FAIL!


A tourist had to be rescued after attempting to climb one of Scotland's highest mountains while wearing flip-flops. He wanted to see snow.

The man slipped and was found with two friends half way up the 4,000ft Aonach Mòr, where they were searching for snow. A team from Lochaber Mountain Rescue were called out and stretchered the man to the mountain's gondola lift and then on to an ambulance, which took him to the hospital.  FAIL!


At the Tubingen University Institute of Microbiology in Germany, there's a 13-foot statue of LADY PARTS.  Yes, someone made a huge stone statue of a vulva on campus.  That's Europe, man.  And the reason we know about it is because an American exchange student got WEDGED inside it.

He's over there studying microbiology, and his friends dared him to climb inside the statue.  But when he did, he got trapped in the opening from the thighs down.

It took 22 firefighters in five emergency vehicles to get him out.  They managed to pull him out without damaging the statue.  FAIL!

Two Inmates Smuggled a Gun Into Prison . . . and Shot Themselves So They Could Sue

26-year-old Deshandre Billups and 33-year-old Kirk Cartwright are currently locked up at a prison in Lake City, Florida.  And despite a pretty bold plan, they're not getting out anytime soon.  (Lake City is 50 miles west of Jacksonville.)

Deshandre is facing life in prison for murder, and Kirk is in the middle of a 20-year sentence for armed robbery.  And back in March, they both ended up with GUNSHOT wounds.  Deshandre was shot in the leg, and Kirk was shot in the CHEST.  They said they were in their cell PRAYING when another inmate walked up and shot them.  But a forensic expert was able to figure out what REALLY happened . . . they shot THEMSELVES.

Somehow they managed to smuggle a gun in through the MAIL.  Then their plan was to shoot themselves, frame another inmate, sue the prison for negligence, and use the lawsuit to get their sentences reduced.  Now both men are facing a bunch of NEW charges, including possession of a firearm inside a prison and smuggling in contraband.  Five other people were also charged, including another prisoner who was in on it.  FAIL!

A Robber Pulls a Gun and Says "Bet You Don't Have One of These" . . . But the Victim Did

It's easier to walk around these days assuming EVERYONE'S got a gun.  Because when you assume people DON'T, stuff like this happens.

A guy was staying at a Motel 6 in Jackson, Mississippi on Friday when a man approached him in the parking lot and asked if he could bum a cigarette.  But when he said he didn't have one, the guy who asked for the cigarette pulled out a GUN to rob him.  Then when he pointed his gun, he said, quote, "I bet you don't have one of these."   But he lost that bet.  The guy DID have a gun . . . pulled it out . . . started SHOOTING . . . and hit the robber in the chest.   The robber was hospitalized, and the guy who shot him isn't facing any charges.   FAIL!

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