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A Guy Shoots Himself For the Second Time in a Year . . . and Both Times, Tried to Blame It on Robbers

A 27-year-old in Florida accidentally shot himself back in October, and blamed it on a robber.  But the police figured out the truth and arrested him for filing a false report.  And earlier this week . . . the EXACT SAME THING happened.  The guy shot himself, blamed it on a robber, the cops investigated . . . and arrested him for filing a false report AGAIN. He accidentally shot himself in the foot . . . and told the cops it was because he'd been robbed.  They investigated and again, quickly figured out he was lying.

So for the second time in less than a year, he was arrested for false reporting after shooting himself and blaming it on a robbery.....FAIL!


A guy in London was running late to the airport...he knew he was going to miss his flight, So.....when he got to the airport, to stop the plane from taking off, he puled the fire alarm.  That triggered a AIRPORT WIDE evacuation.  Cops picked the guy up...but amazingly, didn't arrest him.  His flight DID take off without him though - FAIL!


A small house fire started up at a woman's house in Kentucky.  The woman panicked and looked around for anything to put the fire out.  Seeing the dog's water bowl, she grabbed it and tossed it onto the fire - one problem: she had no idea that her 3 yr-old daughter had JUST filled the bowl with gasoline. (We all have questions) - FAIL!  The fire ripped through a part of the house... luckily the house wasn't a total loss.  Firefighter showed up and put the fire out.  No one was hurt.


A guy in Georgia was holstering his .45 - when it accidentally discharged in a gas station parking lot.  Not really thinking anything - he drove himself to a friend's house, where he discovered he'd shot himself in the penis and the bullet exited out of his ass.  FAIL!  Luckily for him, his buddy drove him to the hospital.  He'll survive.

A Guy Robs Five Banks in a Day . . . For a Grand Total of $449

A guy in New York tried to rob a bank on Saturday, but left empty handed.  So he robbed a SECOND bank, but again left with no money.  Then he robbed a third bank and made off with $50 . . . robbed a FOURTH bank and got nothing . . . and then finally got $399 when he robbed his FIFTH bank of the day.  So he robbed five banks for a grand total of $449.  Police are still looking for him.

A Guy Tries to Pay a Drug Debt With "Star Wars" Action Figures . . . and They Kill Him

A guy in Mexico City named Carlos, owed $3,000 to a drug gang, but he didn't have the money . . . so he offered his awesome "Star Wars" action figure collection instead.  And they responded by KILLING Carlos.  U.S. agents just caught the guy who did it, and he's been deported to Mexico. FAIL!

A High School Principal Is Busted For Plagiarizing His Yearbook Remarks . . . Because He Left in the Name of Another High School

A high school principal at Roosevelt High School on Long Island in New York was busted for plagiarizing his yearbook remarks to the seniors . . . because he forgot to change the name of the high school.  He blamed it on the yearbook accidentally publishing a rough draft. - FAIL!  He blamed it on the yearbook accidentally publishing a rough draft, and said he got permission to use the speech from the principal at Albany High who wrote it.  That principal says he gave Strachan permission to quote him, not COPY him exactly.

A 63-Year-Old on a Children's Scooter Was Arrested for Spray-Painting Graffiti on the Side of a Police Station

Around 2:00 in the morning last Wednesday, someone in Kingscliff, Australia sprayed a bunch of graffiti on the side of a police station . . . including the phrase "Dumb Cops"  -  A 63-year-old man in Australia was arrested on Wednesday . . . after he spray-painted the phrase "Dumb Cops" on the side of a police station.  Then he tried to get away on a children's SCOOTER, but police were able to catch up with him.  FAIL!

A Guy Falls While Surfing on Top of a Truck Naked, and Causes a Huge Crash

Remember the scene in "Teen Wolf" when Michael J. Fox surfs on top of the delivery truck?  Here's a reminder that you're NOT a werewolf, and don't have superhuman balancing abilities.

A guy in New Mexico caused an accident earlier this month . . . when he fell off his friend's truck while surfing on top of it NAKED.  Somehow he wasn't seriously hurt.  But a guy on a motorcycle got rear ended, and WAS seriously hurt.  The naked guy was arrested for indecent exposure and for leaving the scene of an accident. FAIL!

A Guy Hired a Hit Man But Got Ratted Out . . . Then Hired Someone to Kill the Hit Man and Got Ratted Out Again

Last month, a 46-year-old in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania named Greg Hess tried to hire a HIT MAN to kill his estranged wife's boyfriend.  But the guy he hired told the COPS, and got him arrested. Apparently Greg didn't appreciate that, because while he was in jail, he tried to hire a fellow inmate to kill the HIT MAN.  And the inmate ratted on him TOO.  So 12 days after he was released on bail, Greg was arrested AGAIN.  This time the judge denied him bail. FAIL!  And Greg's 18-year-old son Toby was arrested too, for trying to help.  Police say he took a photo of the first hit man at the preliminary hearing, so the second hit man would know what he looked like.

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