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Friday Fail Stories 06-06-14

FAIL!: A Woman Lit Her Hair on Fire Trying to Lean in For a Selfie

Because vertical videos look bad when you watch them on YouTube, with those giant black boxes on the sides...Well, here's the best possible public service announcement against vertical videos...shoot horizontal videos, or you might wind up setting someone on FIRE.  Theres a vid on YouTube that shows a bunch of people at a bar in England trying to get in a selfie video...and it's being shot vertically.  And when one of the girls leans in to get into the narrow frame...she accidentally leans into a candle and sets her hair on fire. FAIL! Lucky for her, she was able to ut the fire out quickly...but she does nwind up with a chunk of burnt hair in her hand

FAIL!: Dumbass Tattoo

A fried chicken place in England called Nando's is so good, that a 19 yr old was compelled to attempt to get free food for life - They offer special people a 'black card' which gets them free food for life. So this young man got Nando's logo tattooed on his ass. When he went to the restaurant to show off his new ink - they said "Thanks, but no thanks" - No Black Card For You! FAIL! Now he says he'll get a tattoo of the Black Card on his other cheek - if THAT doesn't work, he'll have the Nando's logo lasered off, only to replace it with a KFC logo.  He says KFC is better anyway.

FAIL!: Fake Cops Arrested After Pulling Over REAL Cop

A guy from Florida was driving around in his super-sweet white 1999 Crown Vic Police Interceptor, which was equipped with a red and blue light bar, and pulling people over.  This guy was not a cop, by the way.  He'd light people up. They'd pull over.  He'd pull up next to them, shake his finger and give them a "better slow down" look. Hilarious, right?  Then he'd take off.  Well, his luck ran out after lighting up a car that happened to be an UNMARKED police car.  The real cop, who didn't stop, pulled over the fake cop and arrested his dumb ass. He's been charged with impersonating a police officer. FAIL!

FAIL!: A Zoo Mistakenly Shot a Guy in a Gorilla Suit With A Tranquilizer Dart

A zoo in the Canary Islands were running a drill this week where a 35 yr old employee dressed up in a gorilla suit, so the staff could practice how they'd handle a loose gorilla.  Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell one of the veterinarians on staff.  Because he saw the guy in the gorilla suit...thought he was an ACTUAL gorilla on the loose...and SHOT HIM with a tranquilizer dart.  It was powerful enough to take down a 400 lb gorilla.  FAIL! The guy in the suit was taken to the hospital, where he's still i serious condition

FAIL!: A Mountain Biker Is Mugged While His GoPro Camera is Recording

A guy was mountain biking in South Africa when 3 guys popped up on the trail and robbed him at gunpoint.  They took his bike, phone, car keys and his sunglasses. But...they didn't realize he had a GoPro camera mounted on his helmet to record his ride.  And they really should've stolen that too...since it was recording the entire time, and got footage of all their faces.  The guy turned the GoPro footage over to the cops, who used it to track down the 3 robbers. They've all been arrested, and the dude got his bike back. FAIL! Check out the vid:

FAIL!: Drunk Dude Hit and Killed In Middle Of Highway

A 57 yr-old dude from Florida named Jorge was walking across a dark area of a highway after a LONG night of drinkin'.  He made it halfway, hopped over the median, pulled out a beer, opened it, started chugging....and then got creamed by an SUV.  That's what happens when you're standing in the middle of a highway...drinking.  Jorge died instantly. FAIL! The driver of the SUV will not be charged

FAIL!:  Man Burns House Down While Blowing Nose

A guy from North Carolina was holding a cigarette while blowing his nose.  The cigarette ignited the tissue.  The guy tried to stomp out the tissue and the fire spread.  The man's house burned to the ground. Complete loss. FAIL!

FAIL!: A Guy Steals a GPS, Then Calls the cops When He Gets Lost

A 24 yr old guy from Florida broke into a house last week and stole some cell phones, earrings, and a GPS device.  Then he took off running.  It was dark, he didn't know the area...and he was pretty sure some WILD HOGS were chasing him.  So he decided he needed help...and he called the cops to tell them he was LOST.  And yes, he got lost even though he had a stolen GPS with him.  The cops came to help. They ran his name.  They found he had an outstanding warrant for driving with a suspended license.  they then searched his backpack...and found all of the stuff he'd stolen from the house.  He was taken to FAIL JAIL!

FAIL!: Airline Pilot Arrested After Sad Attempt to Smuggle Cocaine Backfires

A regional ariline pilot, a 49 yr old and father of 2, flew to Columbia last weekend and loaded up on cocaine, swallowing more than 60 bags of drugs before getting on a commercial flight to Houston as a passenger.  Everything was going as planned...until midway thru the flight, at least one of the balloons popped inside his stomach.  When the flight landed, the guy was forced to get medical help.  He's been charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine. FAIL!

FAIL!: Seven Die Trying to Retrieve 75 cents From A Well

A guy from Cambodia was walking by a well and accidentally dropped 75 cents into the well.  Devastated, the guy jumped in to try to get his money back.  At the bottom of the well...because of a lack of oxygen, he passed out.  A few villagers saw the guy down there and tried to save him.  One guy wound up falling in and dying.  In a panic, more went down after the dude.  5 more passed out due to lack of oxygen.  Everybody wound up dying.  In all...5 men, 2 women are dead because of 75 cents. FAIL!

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