Dumb Ass Contest

THIS OR THAT: We asked Jeff Burton a question and gave him two options. Listen in and see how the contestants did.
DUMBASS CONTEST: DEAD TO REAL OR COMPLETELY RETARDED Listen in and see how you do on today's DUMBASS CONTEST as Patrico gives you a Gatorade flavor and you have to guess if it's DEAD TO REAL or COM PLETELY RETARDED
LISTEN IN to today’s DUMBASS CONTEST is MOON'S PRESS YOUR LUCK! He gives you an obvious question – you try and answer. If you get it right – HUZZAH! Prize! If you get it wrong…you have to suffer all the doodie and dong pics because we give out your phone number on the AIR! Today...
Listen in as we give away tickets to anyone that can correctly identify if the driver in the story is a man or a woman.... See how you do.
DUMBASS CONTEST: WHO TWEETED IT? Listen in and see how you do with today's DUMBASS CONTEST
DUMBASS CONTEST: WHAT'S IN PATRICO'S MOUTH Listen in the the clues and play along to see if you can guess WHAT IS IN PATRICO'S MOUTH?
POINTFEST BAND OR NOT. One of these bands has never played POINTFEST. Listen in and see how you do!
Guess The Celebrity Meltdown! Patrico did his homework - and we got to hear Casey Casem's EPIC MELTDOWN!
We play a game from the mind of Patrico! You listen to a hit song backwards - you guess correctly - you win! Listen to how it all went down: