Dumb Ass Contest

ALEX'S QUESTION: Which American state is nearest to the former Soviet Union? ALASKA. Her number: 636.575.8369 JOE'S QUESTION: What colour jersey is worn by the winners of each stage of the Tour De France? Yellow. His number: 618.696.1726
Watch as we bring back this famous game WITH St. Louis Blues hero Kevin Shattenkirk getting in on the action feeding Patrico some crazy items through the GLORY HOLE!
TODAY'S GLORY HOLE CHALLENGE INCLUDED THESE ITEMS: Lint Roller, Pineapple, Burnt toast, a cold wet DEAD RAT. Listen and watch this amazing GLORY HOLE CHALLENGE Glory Hole Challenge - Dead Rat!
For the next 24 hours you can watch the video of this game via our Periscope @RizzShow