Dumb Ass Contest

We pick a name and a jelly bean. It could be apple or it could be booger. It could be peach or puke.... Take a listen:
WOW What a streak of bad luck! Listen in and see if you can beat it...
It's simple, we pulled some updates and you have to tell us who posted it, a GUY or a GIRL? Listen in and see how you do:
A little triva vs. match between you and Moon. He's considered somewhat of a useless knowledge guy so we/you put him to the test: See how you would do in this contest and listen in to the contestants:
We play a song in reverse...yo have to tell us the NAME OF THE TITLE OF THE SONG! Get it right, you get the prize and the pride... Listen in and see how you do. Some are definitely harder than others
We give you a popular slogan and you have to give us the name of the product. For example: If we would say..."JUst do it" you would say Nike. Check it out and see how you do.. Listen below