Dumb Ass Contest

We give you a name, you tell us if they are a CRIMINAL OR SOCCER STAR! See how you do. Listen in
Did Patrico really puke? Did Burton eat Dog Food? It's Good or Gross for today's DumbAss Contest and for your 4-packs of tix to YOUR CHOICE of one of The Point's Big Summer Shows! Listen to the attached audio for how it went down....
This week's Real or Fake boobs are really, really hard to tell if they're real or fake, and I've been thinking about them a lot. That led me to thinking about celebs that have gotten their cans out in the movies. This game is simple, you have to tell us if they have or have not...
Today's Dumb Ass Contest tests your knowledge of Professional Soccer Teams - Are they REAL or FAKE? We ask you and award your correct answers!
Listen to the audio of today's Dumb Ass Contest - Is it Dead to Real? Or Completely Retarded (story we made up)? We invited listeners to guess correctly and win!
DUMBASS CONTEST: DOES RIZZ KNOW THE SINGER? Listen and see how RIzz, the callers and you yourself do on this contest...
DUMBASS CONTEST 06-10-14 IS HER BRA SIZE BIGGER OR SMALLER? We give you a celebrities fake bra size and you tell us if shes actually bigger or smaller? Listen in
DUMBASS 06-09-14 ROCK BAND RACEHORSE PORNO Listen in and see how you do!
DUMBASS CONTEST: GUESS THE STATE! Listen in and see how you do on today's DUMBASS CONTEST