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A French Guy Was Thrown Off an American Airlines Flight Because He Smelled Bad . . . Now He's Filed a Complaint


There's a stereotype that French people smell bad . . . and we're not saying it's true or false.  But we WILL say that if it IS true, and you out-stink HUNDREDS of other French people simultaneously . . . bravo. A 27-year-old French guy was on an American Airlines flight on Sunday from Paris to Dallas, Texas.  It was going to be his first trip to America, and he said he'd always dreamed of visiting here. BUT . . . he smelled really bad.  It was so bad, that before the plane took off, other passengers and the crew started complaining . . . and he got kicked off the plane. American Airlines DID have the right to kick him off.  In their terms and conditions for passengers, it says they can refuse to take a passenger who, quote, "has an offensive odor not caused by a disability or illness." But the guy has filed a complaint against American Airlines for discrimination anyway.  He thinks that the smell thing was just an excuse not to let him fly for some reason because he KNOWS he smelled great . . . before the flight, he says, quote, "I covered myself with Dior perfume at the duty free shop."

A 22-Year-Old Tells His Dad He's Dropping Out of College . . . So His Dad Pulls Out a Gun and Tells Him to Reconsider

 Let's call this the 2014 evolution of that old "Stay in School" ad campaign.  These days, we want less talk and more FIREPOWER, baby. 55-year-old Viktor Barkov of Elmwood Park, Illinois has a 22-year-old son who's supposed to be heading back to college. We're not sure WHICH college, but over the weekend, Viktor's son announced he was dropping out. And Viktor responded by . . . pulling out his GUN, putting it up to his son's HEAD, and telling him, quote, "If you don't go back to school I'm going to put a hole through your head." The police came, and Viktor was arrested for aggravated assault and use of a deadly weapon.  There's no word if his son decided to go back to school after all.

McDonald's sued by man who claims a four-inch VALVE ripped his throat when he swallowed it while drinking orange juice

Corporate fast food giant McDonald’s is being sued by a man who claims he was speared in the throat by a piece of machinery. Klaus Geier, a German national, went to a San Fernando Valley McDonald's in April 2012, where he used the drive-through to order a chicken sandwich, chips and a large orange juice. Herr Geier says that because there were no straws available he took the lid off the drink and began to drink. As he drank he claims that felt something catch in his throat – a four-inch valve which he believes was part of the orange juice machine. Herr Geier says that he put his fingers in his mouth to retrieve the valve and ‘the serrated spear on the tip deployed and fired into his oesophagus’. He pulled out the piece ripping his throat in the process. He now says he is left with two options: surgery which could cause him to lose his voice or live with an affected raspy voice.

Man kills girlfriends cat over argument

A 21-year-old man is facing allegations that he killed his girlfriend's pet cat during an argument last October. Police said Tyrell Griffin, of the 11000 block of Jerries Lane, in Florissant, was engaged in an argument with his girlfriend when he grabbed the kitten and threw it against the wall.  He then fled from the St. Charles apartment. The cat was rushed to an animal hospital, where it died a short time later. Griffin was charged with misdemeanor animal abuse.

FOOD NEWS: Taco Bell is giving 11 people 10,000 bucks...their version of free food for life

If there's one thing most Americans can agree on, it's that the pseudo-Mexican food they sell at Taco Bell is irresistibly delicious and cheap.  Well, one of those things, at least.  If you've ever lived within a mile of one, you know. And now there's a chance you'll be able to eat it EVERY DAY . . . until you eventually die from a massive heart attack.  To promote their new dollar menu, Taco Bell is holding a contest where you can win $10,000 . . . their version of free food for life.  For 11 days in a row, 11 Taco Bells in different cities will be handing out a regular $1 bill as change.  Then they're posting the serial number for that dollar bill online.  If you find it, you win a $10,000 gift certificate.  That's what they're calling a "lifetime supply" based on what the average customer spends, which breaks down to about $216 a year for 46 years. They started in Los Angeles yesterday, and posted a video with the first serial number on the website  They haven't announced all the other cities yet.  You just have to check that website each day.

Naked man damaged cars, kicked officer at hemp festival

A naked man had to be sedated at a hemp festival in southern Oregon after police said he damaged cars, started fights and kicked an officer. Oregon State Police troopers responded to the Jefferson State Hemp Expo in Grants Pass at 12:30 a.m. Sunday. The first troopers at the scene were led to a grass field where four men were restraining the suspect, who was described as naked, combative and agitated, on the ground.The suspect was identified as 27-year-old Timothy Seaux. According to jail records, Seaux is 6'3" and 250 pounds. A witness pointed out one vehicle in the parking lot that had sustained heavy damage. Witnesses said Seaux had caused the damage while two frightened women were sitting inside the car. Police attempted to take Seaux into custody, but investigators said he kneed and kicked a trooper several times. Following a struggle, troopers got Seaux into the back of a patrol car, but police said he continued to kick violently. Medical crews were called to the scene and they determined that Seaux should be sedated so he could be taken by ambulance to Three Rivers Medical Center in Grants Pass for an examination. Troopers followed the ambulance to the hospital where they were able to positively identify the suspect. Later in the morning, once the hospital was ready to release him, Seaux was arrested and booked in the Josephine County Jail on charges of menacing, criminal mischief, assaulting a public safety officer and resisting arrest. The Jefferson State Hemp Expo website said the annual event is a three-day music festival and educational hemp exposition featuring camping, artists and guest speakers.

Police See a Man With No Pants Get Thrown From a Car and Think He's a Victim . . . They Were Very Wrong


  Some cops in Philadelphia were driving around at 4:00 A.M. on Sunday, and saw a 57-year-old man with NO PANTS get thrown from a car. They immediately assumed he was a victim so they rushed him to the hospital, then tracked down the car.  And it turns out they got it very wrong. Apparently the guy was running around with his junk out, yelling that he was the MESSIAH. Then he banged on the car, yanked the door open, punched the driver in the face, tried to get IN to the car, and hung on as the driver sped away. The police don't know why he was running around without pants claiming to be the Messiah, but they do know he suffers from PTSD and depression.  So far, no charges have been filed.

Meet the Man Who's Kept Every One of His Nail Clippings Since 1978


  58-year-old Richard Gibson of Lafayette, Louisiana might have THE most disgusting hobby in the world.  And we're not exaggerating. For the past 36 years, Richard has kept every single one of his FINGERNAIL and TOENAIL clippings . . . and put them in a jar.  Yes, in 1978, when he was 22 years old, he started collecting his nails.  And now, at 58 years old, he's still going. Richard says his jar of nail clippings is his most cherished possession, and it's prominently displayed on a shelf in his house. It hasn't always been . . . his ex-wife used to make him keep it hidden.  That's right . . . ex-wife.  Wonder what drove them apart. Just to make this a little grosser, Richard doesn't cut his nails that often . . . he waits until they're REALLY long.  In the close-up photo we've got of his nail jar, there are a few in there that are close to an INCH long. HERE he is and HERE are his nails

A Pizza Guy Was Afraid of Being Punished For a Late Delivery . . . So He Called in a Fake Beheading?

 18-year-old Mason Requa is a pizza delivery guy in Rochester, New York.  And he was out delivering a pizza on Wednesday night, but running late . . . so late that he was afraid his boss might FIRE him for taking too long. So . . . he called 911 and told them he saw three Hispanic guys with a machete BEHEAD a seven-year-old girl.  You heard me right . . . THAT'S where this guy's mind went when he was dreaming up an excuse. And he gave such a detailed description, the police believed him . . . and started searching for the men with the machete, and the body of the girl.  But after four hours, Mason finally admitted he made the whole thing up. He was arrested and charged with falsely submitting an incident . . . and we're guessing he'll also get fired.

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