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Most of us know that the haircuts you get at places like Supercuts, Fantastic Sam's, and Great Clips run the risk of being not that super, fantastic, or great.  This woman clearly didn't. Vyunda Bradshaw of Winter Springs, Florida is SUING Great Clips for giving her a bad haircut. She says they butchered her hair, strips of it were missing, it looked like she had a bald spot, and her hair was uneven all around. Vyunda says, quote, "I attend church regularly, I have a social life, I can't go anywhere with my hair looking like this.  I take pride in my hair.  Now somebody . . . might think I'm a man with my hair all cut off like that." She says the manager at the Great Clips fired the stylist, offered her a $60 wig, and gave her free weekly visits to try to fix her hair as it grows out . . . but that wasn't enough.  She wants $1,000.



Instead of a simple firing, Walmart wants police to arrest one of its employees who was twice spotted eating Cheez-It crackers from a box he did not purchase, according to South Carolina police. Summoned Friday to a Spartanburg store, cops met with loss prevention manager Angela Hewitt, who reported that worker Stacy Peake, 21, was recorded on surveillance cameras last month noshing on the crackers. Hewitt told police that Peake admitted to taking the Cheez-Its, “but stated that he forgot to pay for them.” The Walmart worker claimed that Peake also copped to swiping diapers, but that alleged theft was not recorded by store cameras. Walmart--seeking Peake’s arrest for misdemeanor breach of trust--provided investigators with a copy of their video surveillance tapes. A police officer noted that an arrest warrant would be sought for Peake (seen at left) once his exact address could be obtained. A 13.7-ounce box of classic Cheez-It crackers costs $2.50 at Walmart



You know it's just not your day when you get cracked over the head by a man armed with an aluminum baseball bat only seconds after fending off another man wielding a prosthetic leg. According to a Seattle Police Department report, an officer was on patrol around 2:30 p.m. Aug. 13 in the 100 block of Pike Street when he saw a one-legged man swinging his prosthetic limb at a two-legged man in his mid-20s. The fighting men initially ignored the officer's presence and continued their scuffle, according to the report. But, eventually the two-legged man acknowledged the officer and started to walk off while the one-legged man re-inserted his prosthetic limb. As the two-legged man was walking away, a third man appeared armed with an aluminum bat. According to the report, the man, undeterred by the presence of the officer, ran up behind the two-legged man and hit him full force over the head with the bat, leaving him with a large cut and bruising. The suspect reportedly ran off but was quickly apprehended by two King County Sheriff's Office deputies. Prior to being arrested, the suspect, a Cuban national, tossed away a baggie containing 21.8 grams of cocaine, according to the report. The suspect was booked into King County Jail for investigation of assault and violation of the uniform controlled substances act. The victim refused treatment or transportation to the hospital. Nothing further was reported about the one-legged man or his weaponized prosthetic limb.


In May of 2014, Ocala Post  told you about City of Ocala Councilwoman Mary Rich announcing that she wanted an ordinance put in place that would ban saggy pants in Ocala. Rich said she – as well as other citizens in Marion County – do not like seeing young men and women walking around with their buttocks exposed. “I have seen them do it in front of old people. I don’t consider myself old — maybe a little past middle age. They don’t have any respect for anybody when they do that,” Rich said. “It’s disgusting when you see them with their pants all down around their knees almost.” Well, her wish is now a reality. The Ocala City Council voted 4-0 on Tuesday to pass the ordinance. The ordinance will prohibit anyone from wearing pants two inches below their natural waist in a way that exposes underwear or “crack.” Councilwoman Rich, a black woman herself, said it does not matter what color you are and wishes people would stop trying to turn it into a race issue. “It’s disgusting no matter what color you are,” she said. Ocala is not the first city in Florida to ban saggy pants. The city of Opa-Locka, Florida was actually first city to enact the ban in 2007. Officials in Opa-Locka said the ordinance has been working great. Daytona Beach, Florida doesn’t have a ban – as of yet – on saggy pants. However, they were one of the first cities in Florida to ban “thongs” being worn in public.



Every guy's been there . . . you're sitting around innocently when one of your brosephs passes GAS in your face as a joke. I'm pretty sure I always responded by punching them, which seems fair.  So I am definitely taking this woman's side. 33-year-old Jessica Cerney of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was lying on her couch earlier this week when one of her neighbors, 64-year-old Darrel McKnight, walked in . . . stopped RIGHT over her face . . . and broke wind. She got up and started chasing him around, and punched him in the face three times. Both of them got citations for fighting . . . I guess his was because of the gas?



For a few years now, pretty much every car company has quietly stopped including spare tires in new cars. It's so prominent, the odds are your next car WON'T have a spare tire.  And there are three main reasons why car companies are getting rid of them.

1.  It's cheaper just to include a kit to patch the tire.

2.  The weight from a spare tire hurts your gas mileage.

3.  And our favorite reason of all:  You probably don't know how to change a flat tire anyway, let's face it . . . so you don't really need a spare.  If you DO get a flat, you'd probably just call AAA or a towing company, get towed to a garage, and THEY'D put one on. And the CAR OF THE FUTURE will either be self-driving, or flying . . . we're still waiting . . . so THAT won't have a spare tire either.  Basically, your spare tire days are over

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