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Illinois Grand Champ Steer sells for $100k

The Grand Champion Steer sold for six figures last night at the Governor’s Sale of Champions at the Illinois State Fair. Smashing last year’s record of 62-thousand dollars for the grand champion steer – this year’s animal sold for $100,000.  “Ted” the steer was 12 year old Shaelye Varner’s animal.  The Morris, Illinois and Hyland Ag 4-H student has been showing cattle since she was five. She plans to put the money aside for college.  Her steer was purchased by AT&T, Monsanto and DeKalb Asgrow. Other records were toppled last night – for the grand champion sheep, barrow and Land of Lincoln steer.  In all, more than $260-thousand dollars was raised.  Ten percent of the proceeds go to 4-H and FFA programs.


Edinburgh Academicals' players had just finished training when they noticed money, wallets and mobile phones had been stolen and decided to give chase A pair of thieves got more than they bargained for when they raided a rugby club, as 40 angry PLAYERS hunted them down. Edinburgh Academicals - Scotland's oldest club - had just finished training close to their Raeburn Place ground when they noticed wallets, money and mobile phones had been stolen from their clubhouse. One of the players spotted the culprits heading towards a getaway car and gave chase - with his giant team-mates in tow. As the police were called, the Accies' team caught the pair, surrounded the car and snatched the key from the ignition. Captain Greg Campbell told the Edinburgh Evening News: "We got back to the clubhouse and they looked a bit suspicious. "We asked what they were up to and they said they had just finished training, which we obviously knew was a lie. "We asked them for ID and they tried to make a run for it. They didn't get very far. We managed to catch them at the right time." The police confirmed the two men had been detained, with inquiries ongoing.


22-year-old Shawna Lynn Palmer of Riverside, California was working as a clerk at a furniture store in March, when she fractured a toe on her left foot.  So she filed a worker's compensation claim, and has been getting disability ever since. And she might've gotten away with it too . . . if she'd just resisted entering the Miss Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix Beauty Pageant in April.  It was about a month after her foot injury . . . and in the pageant, she was walking around in HIGH HEELS. The California Department of Insurance found out Shawna was in the pageant, and watched a YouTube video of her in the heels . . . NOT the orthopedic shoe and crutches her doctor had prescribed.  Which wouldn't have been very sexy . . . or would it? She was arrested on Friday for three felony counts of defrauding an insurance company.  She's facing up to a year in jail and $24,000 in restitution. She didn't win the pageant, or even place in the top three.  And she participated in at least one other pageant before getting busted


A 42-year-old woman previously arrested for cheering her daughter on in a fight with another teen has found herself in trouble with the law again - this time for public sex. Cops in Brandenton, Florida busted April Newcomb and her 20-year-old boyfriend having sex on the side of a truck in a Beef 'O'Brady's parking lot at the dinner time of 6pm. Newcomb and her much-younger lover Brandon Tinyes were arrested and charged with lewd and lascivious behavior and exposure of sexual organs. According to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office report, witnesses at the restaurant called police when they saw the couple 'engaging in sexual activity on the side of a red pickup truck'. When the officers showed up at the restaurant, they found Newcomb and Tinyes naked from the waist down with Tinyes 'thrusting his hips back and forth'. The officer says he also witnessed Newcomb with her legs wrapped around Tinyes, making a 'moaning' sound. The couple were in view of those walking in the parking lot, and the officer noted that it was 'full of foot travel'. When approached, the couple separated and said 'they were friends and having sex'. Both were arrested and booked in Manatee County Jail. Tinyes made bail first, but was also hit with an additional charge for marijuana possession. Newcomb was held on $620 bail before her release. This isn't the first time Newcomb has been arrested. In 2010, she was booked after caught encouraging her daughter in a fight that was video taped and posted to YouTube. In one of the videos, Newcomb can be heard yelling 'Don't fucking stop' and 'punch her in the fucking body'. She pleaded no contest to a charge of delinquency of a minor and was sentenced to 75 community service hours for the misdemeanor. 


A 32-year-old man accused of burglary of a business is also facing drug charges after authorities say they found cocaine in a box he claimed to keep makeup in. An Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputy was conducting a security check behind Bippy’s on July 7 when he heard someone jumping over the fence, according to the arrest report. The deputy saw Jose Victor Rivera, of Fort Walton Beach, and asked Rivera to come to the deputy, which Rivera did. As Rivera walked up, the deputy noted that Rivera was taking off a pair of black gloves, the report said. Rivera said he was scrapping metal. The deputy called for backup. After additional deputies arrived, Rivera took a small black box out of his pocket, according to the report. Rivera told deputies that he kept his makeup in the box, but deputies found a white powder inside that tested positive for cocaine. Rivera’s shoe prints were both inside and outside the fence the report said. A metal step from a truck, a roll of hose and a gas can were located just inside the fence where Rivera had jumped over. Rivera insisted he was scrapped and had just stopped at the business because they leave pipe by the fence, the report said. Rivera is charged with burglary of an unarmed structure and possession of cocaine. 


Now you can buy shoes that are pre-muddied - or at least designed to look that way. Adidas' new 7X750 sneakers, which are part of the brand's 84-Lab project and cost $175 at, are plain white running shoes with the whole bottom half covered in fake mud.The unusual footwear design is a collaboration between Adidas, British conceptual artist Ryan Gander, American fashion designer Mark McNairy and Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi. Reactions to this new style have been mixed, with commenters taking to Twitter to voice their divided opinions. One person dubbed them 'the world's most hideously designed pair of sneakers,' while another said: 'Is it OK to hate people I see wearing these trainers?' Also featured in the new capsule collection are the same pair of white sneakers, only this time they're designed to look as though someone scribbled all over them with a black crayon. The more formal designs in the collection include one made with rich Harris Tweed in navy blue or black, and mid-top workboot-inspired sneakers in red leather or grey suede. It may seem strange to wear shoes that look purposely dirty, but judging by Mr Kuraishi's previous capsule collections for Adidas, which were immensely successful, he may be on to something. What's more, the shoes are by no means the first sign that distressed - even messy - fashion is on its way up. J Crew sells a $168 pair of army green khaki trousers, with a slouchy fit and an artful paint-splattered design. And ripped jeans, as worn by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Candice Swanepoel and Jessica Biel, is a growing trend that looks like it is here to stay. HERE THEY ARE!

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