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The three main stars from "The Big Bang Theory are now raking in $1 million per episode. Here are some TV stars who have actually had RICHER contracts: Charlie Sheen made $1.8 million per episode in the final year of his "Two and a Half Men" run . Ray Romano $1.8 million per episode in the final year of "Everybody Loves Raymond". Kelsey Grammer $1.6 million per episode for the final two seasons of "Frasier". Tim Allen $1.25 million per episode for the final year of "Home Improvement". Jerry Seinfeld maxed out at $1 million per episode on "Seinfeld", and earns about $400 million a year in syndication royalties

Michael Jackson had code words and signals that he used with a boy he allegedly molested to describe various sex acts ... including "duck butter." James Safechuck -- now 36 -- claims in his lawsuit against the MJ Estate ... the singer started abusing him when he was 10.  Safechuck says Michael taught him to use code words ... referring to his erection as "bright light, brick city" ... and calling something.., "duck butter." Safechuck claims when they would hold hands, Michael would scratch the inside of James' hand with a finger when he wanted to sex. He says MJ wanted a full-blown relationship with him to the point he performed a secret wedding ceremony with the boy with wedding ring and a marriage certificate. They would drink sweet, pink wine and watch porn ... including movies of children masturbating. Safechuck says the abuse stopped entirely when he reached puberty.

There's been a rumor for years that when GEORGE CLOONEY was a cast member on "Roseanne" during its early years, he once put a pic of his MANHOOD on the Conner Family refrigerator, so everyone would see it the next day. And yesterday on "The Talk", ROSEANNE said it's TRUE…

Breastfeeding acceptance is a big issue these days, and now we know where OLIVIA WILDE stands on the issue.  Because she posed for the new issue of "Glamour" magazine while NURSING her newborn son Otis. Olivia tells the magazine, quote, "Breastfeeding is the most natural thing.  I don't know, now it feels like Otis should always be on my breast." Something tells me JASON SUDEIKIS doesn't agree.  Even though he put that baby in her in the first place, I'm sure he's counting the days until he gets his regular spot back

The Foo Fighters have "some big news" to share.  A post on the band's official Facebook page says Dave Grohl and company will be making an announcement on Monday, but it doesn't go into detail about what that announcement might entail.  Fans have been eagerly awaiting more info on the Foo Fighters' highly-anticipated new album, which so far has only received a release date of sometime in November.  The making of the still-untitled record is covered in the new Grohl-directed HBO docu series, "Sonic Highways."  The band recently announced that the show will premiere October 17th.

"Huge Kenny Loggins fan" Erick Sanchez is looking to turn his Washington, D.C., home into a veritable "Danger Zone," having launched a Kickstarter campaign bent on getting the soft-rock legend to play his living room. "If you're looking to make a dream come true, put your money where your ears are and drop some cash," Sanchez writes in his fundraising appeal, which is well on its way to meeting its $30,000 goal. "Don't do it for me. Don't do it for Kenny…Do it for America." Sanchez’s bid may be more legit than you’d think, as he’s already had a “heart to heart” discussion with Loggins about the proposed gig.

An eight-year-old with leukemia is willing to go on the record saying he's Adam's "#1 fan." The kid's name is Grady, and he posted a video on YouTube last month, proclaiming his appreciation for Adam . . . and inviting him barbeque with him.  Apparently, his dream day is Adam Sandler and some meat on the grill. And as he said in his video, he's totally cool with making it KOSHER. Well, Adam's people found out about the video, and Adam called Grady directly.  They didn't barbeque, but supposedly they "hit it off" on the phone.  It's unclear what they talked about so maybe a barbeque IS still in the works.

Some supposed plot details from the upcoming "Superman v. Batman:  Dawn of Justice" were revealed yesterday. We should note that some people might consider them SPOILERS. The website Bad Ass Digest says that in the movie's timeline, Batman has been around for about 30 years, so he's in his 50s.  But he's still an URBAN LEGEND, and despite years of crimefighting, nobody has even taken his picture. And his Batcave includes a memorial centered around a TATTERED ROBIN COSTUME.

Tonight on TV The series premiere of "Skin Wars" GSN.  Rebecca Romijn  hosts this new body-painting competition where 10 artists compete for a $100,000 prize… Jimmy Fallon" - Megan Fox… Craig Ferguson" - Kelsey Grammer


Adrianne Curryis 32.  Was married to Christopher Knight but now she is divorced and just knows as the chick who LOVES to post nude pictures of herself on Twitter  


SOLEIL MOON FRYEis 38"Punky Brewster"


Geri Halliwellis 42.   Ginger Spice.


M. Night Shymalanis 44.  Writer / Director of "The Sixth Sense", "Unbreakable", "Signs", "The Village" and "The Happening"


David Robinsonis 49.  Ex-San Antonio Spurs center.


Today’s birthday girl has shown off her fortune cookie…in 422 fine films including:


·        Let’s Play Dr

·        Say Aloha To My Ahola

·        ChinaVagina

·        Anal Adventures of Susie Super Slut

·        Bangcock Booberella

·        Married Yes…Dead No!

·        Nude World Order

·        Waterworld:  The Enema Movie

·        And who could forget…her unforgettable role in…Asian Chow Down






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