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JAY Z and BEYONCÉ could be done.  The rumors are building that they'll divorce after their On the Run tour ends later this summer. One website laid out that it is just a business partnership anymore. Apparently their people are busy splitting everything up while they are on the road. They are keeping up appearances until the tour is wrapped up.  They are separating this year, with the divorce to follow in about six months

The beard that DWAYNE "THE ROCK" JOHNSON wears in the upcoming "Hercules" movie wasn't his own, obviously.  But it WAS real hair.  Just not human hair.  It was YAK HAIR. And if the thought of gluing yak hair to your face grosses you out, just wait until we get more specific. Yesterday on "Live with Kelly and Michael", The Rock said he asked his beard guy what kind of hair it was, and he told him it was yak.  But when he asked what PART of the yak it came from, the guy told him THE TESTICLES. Yes, The Rock had YAK PUBES glued to his face during the making of this movie.  Why the pubes?  Because they're the SOFTEST HAIRS ON THE YAK.

All intelligent life forms agree that the most important thing that has EVER been on television was the '80s action-adventure series "Manimal" . . .The premise was a  man who fought crime with his ability to change himself into different ANIMALS. Well, Hollywood has FINALLY gotten around to turning this into the movie it should have been years ago.  And not surprisingly, they're not taking it seriously.  In fact, it's WILL FERRELL'S production company that's making it. There's no word if Will is going to star in it, but obviously, he SHOULD.

50 years ago, the ROLLING STONES spent their spare time chest deep in groupies.  But things have really changed. Now that they're in their late-60s and early-70s, the Stones pass the time like grandparents everywhere:  With board games, puzzles and TV. RON WOOD'S wife Sally says they like jigsaw puzzles, because, quote, "they're very good for the brain."  She says they also love backgammon, and she's going to help organize a tournament for the band when they hit the road again in October. It's worth noting that Sally is 36 . . . almost half Ron's age . . . so she seems to be adapting well to OLD FOGIE life. Meanwhile, Ron says they also like watching murder mysteries and American shows "Breaking Bad" and "Orange Is the New Black".

Robin Thicke has been begging…and begging and begging for his wife Paula to come back to him for quite some time now. Has it worked? Umm well their home…all 3,158 square foot of it was listed Monday with an asking price of $2,985,000. Neither Paula or Robin has officially moved out  though they haven't slept under the same roof since separating in February.  The pad includes a recording studio where Robin may have worked on songs like "Blurred Lines," "Lost Without You," and "Get Her Back" -- which he obviously hasn't. 

Leonardo DiCaprio is taking full advantage of the wild happenings in Miami during Mercedes Benz Swim Week. He has been seen  with a “harem” of 25 female models,  his rumored girlfriend, Toni Garrn, was nowhere in sight. They took over huge portions of the clubs  having every bottle service you can imagine…champagne, vodka, whisky, tequila and beers. He partied until the club closed and left with the models. 

An all-nude joint in New York City is offering Derek Jeter and the rest of the Yankees organization free lap dances Sept. 7, the same day that the team is officially honoring the captain. All Yankee employees will receive free admission and two free lap dances, the Show Palace in Queens announced. Plus, the dancers will be painted in pinstripes.If Jeter himself were to show up, a rep tells The Huffington Post, he "gets unlimited lap dances and food and a lifetime free-entry pass to Show Palace as a thank you for his years of service as a New York Yankee." Of course, Jeter has cultivated a generally clean image throughout his tenure, so it's doubtful he'd accept. But nice to know the offer stands. Show Palace isn't the first area nudie bar to use sports for publicity, but at least the public can benefit if it chooses: All fans wearing a Jeter jersey on Sept. 7 will get free admission as well.

Attorneys for a woman who is suing the Insane Clown Posse for sexual harassment have subpoenaed Kid Rock in an attempt to have him hand over a glass dildo. The subpoena is the latest news in the case, following last week’s deposition of “Dirty” Dan Diamond in Las Vegas. Diamond said during his deposition that, after plaintiff Andrea Pellegrini refused to accept the dildo, he gave the item to Kid Rock. Kid Rock has 14 days to respond to the subpoena and produce the item. Diamond, who is a defendant in the lawsuit, also admitted under oath that he told Pellegrini that he had “a fat (penis)” and that he would “f—k the s—t out of” her. Diamond has said that the dildo is a work of art. Pellegrini filed the suit in August against the band and it’s label. She worked for the label between 2009 and 2012 before being fired.


On TV tonight America's Got Talent. on NBC…So You Think You Can Dance on ABC.  The Top 16 perform and two more dancers are eliminated.

 Jimmy Fallon has Robin Wright and Weezer… Seth Meyers has Ricky Gervais and Letterman has Eric Stonestreet


Daniel Radcliffe is 25

Monica Lewinsky is 41

Nomar Garciaparra is 41

Marlon Wayans is 42.

Gary Payton is 46

SLASH is 49

Woody Harrelsonis 53

David Essexis 67.  Biggest hit:  "Rock On"

Don Imusis 74.


Today’s birthday girl has been involved in more DPs than Derek Jeter in 76 fine films including:

      Big Sausage Pizza Volume 18

·        Creeping In The Backdoor

·        Double D Mommies

·        How I Screwed Your Mother

·        I Scored A Soccer Mom Volume 3

·        Knock Up Mommy Volume 3

·        Plunder The Booty

·        Throated Volume 15

·        Mommy Stole My Boyfriend Volume 4

·        And who could forget…her unforgettable role in…Touched By Some Anal

Brandi Edwards  is 34 YEARS OLD

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