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At least one website is refusing to take down some of those nude, hacked photos of JENNIFER LAWRENCE. . .

JOAN RIVERS is out of intensive care . . . but still on life support.  Her daughter MELISSA issued a brief statement yesterday saying, quote, "My mother has been moved into a private room where she is being kept comfortable.  Thank you for your continued support."

At least one website is refusing to take down some of those nude, hacked photos of JENNIFER LAWRENCE. . . because they claim she has no right to demand it.  That's because some of those pictures aren't selfies. And the website claims the rights to those photos would actually belong to whoever TOOK them.  They want Jennifer to either prove she owns the pictures, or name the photographer. We've been through this before.  Earlier this year, we heard that the infamous Oscar selfie that ELLEN DEGENERES arranged actually belongs to BRADLEY COOPER.  Because no matter whose phone it was taken on, HE'S the one who took it.

DAX SHEPARD is going to write, direct and star in a "CHiPs" movie, along with MICHAEL PENA.  They'll play California Highway Patrol officers Jon Baker and Frank "Ponch" Poncherello, respectively, which is bad news for WILMER VALDERRAMA, who's been trying to get this movie up and running with HIMSELF as Ponch for years.

Several musicians are being recognized in the new "Guinness Book of World Records".  Here are some of the ones who are getting a mention this year: Metallica earned an entry for becoming the first and ONLY band to perform on all seven continents.  They did it in a single year . . . wrapping it up with their "Freeze 'Em All" show in Antarctica last December…One Direction has become the FIRST act to debut at #1 with their first three albums….Miley Cyrus is recognized as the most searched-for pop star on the Internet…Shakira overtook Rihanna to become the most 'liked' person on Facebook in April, and then became the first person to reach 100 million 'likes' in July…Katy Perry is noted as the musician with the most Twitter followers . . . she has more than 56 million…Eminem got a spot for having the most words in a hit single.  His track, "Rap God" plows through 1,560 words in six minutes and four seconds. Some other celebrity achievements include: Fastest time to reach one million followers on Twitter:  Robert Downey Jr…Most "likes" on an item:  Vin Diesel for a Facebook photo of himself and the late Paul Walker, at more than 6.8 million likes…Highest box office gross for an animated movie:  "Frozen", at $1.113 billion…Most pirated TV program:  "Game of Thrones"…Most swearing in one film:  "The Wolf of Wall Street", which featured at least 687 expletives . . . an average of 3.81 swear words per minute.

BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE "only" got $2 million from "People" for their wedding pictures.  They got $11 million for the first shots of their twins back in 2008, but the magazine market has changed a lot since then.  Meanwhile, Ashlee Simpson just married Diana Ross’ son and couldn’t find anyone to buy the pics.

 Carlton will dance again!  "Us" magazine claims ALFONSO RIBEIRO has joined the cast of the next "Dancing with the Stars" . . . along with "Back to the Future" star Lea Thompson, Jonathan Bennett from "Mean Girls", and 18-year-old YouTube star Bethany Mota.  The cast will be officially revealed on "Good Morning America" TODAY

In a 19-Tweet rant, NICK CANNON called the media "evil bottom feeders" . . . then he lashed out against rumors that he left MARIAH CAREY because she's a bad mother.  He said, quote, "I will forever be indebted to her for blessing me with our children . . . [She] is an amazing Mother and I trust her wholeheartedly . . . I love [Mariah] and that will never change!!!" 

On TV tonight: The Seattle Seahawks host the Green Bay Packers in the first official game of the football season on NBC…Dating Naked is on VH1…Jimmy Fallon has Larry David, Gisele Bundchen…Seth Meyers has Heidi Klum, Kieran Culkin…Letterman has Steve Buscemi


Whitney Cummingsis 32


Jason David Frankis 41 -- He was the Green/White Ranger on the original Power Rangers.  Now, he’s a real life MMA fighter

Mike Piazzais 46.  Retired MLB catching stud.

Damon Wayansis 54.  He IS Blankman!

Dr. Drew Pinskyis 56.

Tom Watsonis 65.  Legendary golfer.



Today’s birthday girl has been stretched out like an old t-shirt…in 69 fine films including

·        Daddy’s Little Princess Volume 5

·        Toe Service Volume 34

·        All Over Her Face Volume 4

·        Beauty And The Geezer

·        Fresh Squeeze Volume 1

·        OverStuffed Volume 11

·        Celebrity Pornhab with Dr. Screw

·        And who could forget….her unforgettable role in…Mother Daughter Exchange Club Volume 8

AUDRIANNA ANGEL is 27 years old


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