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EVERYBODY stalks someone online.  Don't deny it, you know you're guilty.  So if you're going to do it, you might as well be good at it.  Here are ten tips for cyberstalking like a pro.

1.  If you want to zoom in on the other people in their photos on social media, take a screenshot of them.  Never zoom in while browsing on your phone.  You could double-tap by mistake and end up liking the picture, and then they'll know you were there.

2.  Use fingerprints and smudges on their phone screen to figure out their password.  This is more for keeping tabs on your significant others, and if you're jealous enough to do it, your relationship is probably broken anyway.  But that's your problem.

3.  Check the "Archived" message folder on their Facebook.  It contains instant messages they THINK they've deleted.  Again . . . not our business why you would ever feel the need to do something like this.

4.  Use a simple HTML trick to view private profile pictures at full size.  It involves opening the small image in a new tab, and then changing the URL to remove the code that makes the image small.  So you can see their friends up close.

5.  Google their cell phone and email address instead of their name.  Then you can see exactly where the target has been entering their contact info online.

6.  You can use an app that sends you straight to voicemail when you call someone.  Then you can use someone's phone to call the numbers you don't know, and find out who they belong to.

7.  Do a filtered search on Facebook to find your competition.  You can search for friends who work with someone, or go to school with them.  And you can specify male or female to narrow it down to possible romantic interests.

8.  Get in their phone and enable their "Send Read Receipts."  From then on you'll know when they see your texts, and they won't KNOW that you know . . . unless they go back into their settings and see what's been changed.

9.  Obviously, log out of your LinkedIn profile before you stalk anyone.  Because LinkedIn sends notifications to your connections when you've visited their profiles.

10.  Clear out your browsing history when you're done.  Never leave a trace behind.


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