Another F***ing List


Burton brought up 'tics' that we all have. Subconscious or not, we all tend to do some weird things:

He also found a bit of common ones online and put together a little list. How do your tics stack up to these?

"I stare at strangers in public places and wonder what they look like having sex, even if they're not attractive."

" I have to put the large spoons and smalls spoons in separate drawers, dont care about the forks but the spoons I have to make right"

"I also like to cut my clothes when I cant wear them anymore..."

"I have an obsession with the pant leg-sock-shoe combination and will not leave the ouse unless it's right."

"I can't have anyone touch my wrists, the veiny underside, not even me."

"If I am not doing something with my hands, they have to be touching each other, or my face."

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Another F***ing List

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