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Check out the Pointfest schedule!

Are you looking for the Pointfest schedule to see what times your favorite bands are playing? Have no fear! You can check out complete schedule of Pointfest festivities below!

Mid-America Chevy Dealers Main Stage

5:20P - The Struts - 
6:15P - Coheed & Cambria
7:20P - Bring Me The Horizon
8:30P - Chevelle
9:45P - Deftones

White Stage

11:55A - Common Jones
12:45P - Silver Snakes
1:45P - Holy White Hounds
3:00P - Highly Suspect
4:25P - Flogging Molly

Black Stage

12:20P - Isabella
1:10P - The Hush List
2:20P - Sick Puppies
3:40P - Story Of The Year

Pop's Stage

12:15P - As Earth Shatters
12:55P - The Judge
1:35P - Disguise The Limit
2:15P - City Of Parks
2:55P - Soundtrapp
3:35P - OATM
4:15P - One Day
4:55P - Conquer As They Come


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