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Local Show Playlist - August 10th, 2014

The St. Louis music scene is alive and roaring to be heard. Every Sunday night from 9p-10p, host Cornbread plays the hottest tracks from the best up-and-coming St. Louis area bands, including performances broadcast live from the Point Local Show.

Find out how to get your band featured on the Local Show HERE.

Check out the complete Local Show playlist below

  • Cavo - Thick As Thieves
  • Me Verse You - Radio
  • Lye - Shards of Glass
  • 12 Summers Old - Night To Remember
  • Arythma - Cry For Help
  • Umbrella Blvd - The Bad Book
  • Story of the Year - And The Hero Will Drown
  • Connibal Road - Missing Pages
  • Fivefold - Worst Mistake
  • Ludo - Saturday Night Thunderbolt
  • Ava Wait - Don't Go
  • Last Nights Vice - All I Know
  • Me Like Bees - Comet And The Snail

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