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Local Show Playlist April 30, 2017

Local Show Playlist April 30, 2017
Greek Fire - Dreaming In Deja Vu
The Hushlist - Gates
The Hong Kong Sleepover - Taste The Chains
Blinded Black - The Next Chapter
Discrepancies - Art Of War
The Greater Good - Gary Indiana
Strikes Back - No Warranty On Love
Will F.M. - Go!
Monster Eats Manhattan - Less Than Heroes
Stereo Disarm - Closer
Arkangela - A Final Moment Of Clarity
Satellite Theory - Open Water
Congratulations to Discrepancies and Monster Eats Manhattan.... For winning the Road To Pointfest Grand Finals!
Also congratulations to all the local bands that will get to play pointfest this year
Nothing Set In Stone
Thieves To Kings
Mental Fixation
Sonder Sway
Free Parking
Guerilla Theory
Hollow Point Heroes

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