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Thank you and see you at #POINTFEST!

Many of you may know that I've been laid up for a bit and away from the morning show this week recovering from a knee surgery. Lux and I play on a soccer team together and in our quest for league dominance I tore my ACL and some other things. SO, today is the day of my return and just in time for POINTFEST.

I believe I still hold the record for playing the most POINTFESTS which is amazing to me! Between my two bands (Story of the year / Greek Fire) I believe I've played up to a dozen. Not only is that an honor personally since I'm from STL and have been listening to the POINT since its birth but it's a massive trophy for me knowing how awesome it is that STL even has POINTFEST and that I've been such a part of it this last decade. We've played radio festivals all over the planet so I truly know that we have something special here with this station. I could drone on and on about what this station does differently but I'll just leave it at this. I work very hard and all but I feel truly blessed and as lucky as a lottery winner to have been lifted up by the STL music community to find the success I have with my bands and in turn have developed a personal relationship with a great organization in 105.7 The Point. I'm honored and thrilled to be a part of the ON AIR staff and now The Rizzuto Show and just want to say thank you to the POINT and the entire STL music community. I say all this as I prepare to go to one of my most anticipated POINTFESTS yet. This time as a radio guy. Maybe next time as a performer again. What a good life. Thank you STL, Thank you to the entire POINT staff and thank you alternative music. See you out there. Come say hello! Be safe!

The Rizzuto Show is doing a signing at 3:30 CHECK THIS OUT: This year you can text LINE to 48258 and we'll text you the entire POINTFEST Lineup.

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