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Date Night: "Chef" and Katie's Pizza

SO I am a pretty easy going girlfriend....maybe my boyfriend will tell you something different ha! But for the most part the perfect date night for me is in fact the simple standard DINNER AND MOVIE! However I'm going to spend this summer trying out new things and going new places! I thought I'd share my date's with you to help you find something to do with your bf/gf.

This week we went to Katies Pizza then hit the HiPointe to see Chef starring Jon Favreau, John Leguizamo, Scarlett Johansson, Sofía Vergara , and Dustin Hoffman. Since we went on a Wednesday it was $5 a ticket...yes you read that right!

This flick a NO BRAINER since my boyfriend lets call him Jimmy* is a cook and aspiring chef. He spent many years in the music industry and has recently returned to STL to get into his other passion which is in the kitchen.

We failed in one large respect....if you go see CHEF save dinner for after the flick, watching them make all these amazing meals (oh the Cubanos) we left the theater,you guessed it very very hungry!

THe movie itself was fantastic! It was full of laughs and cringe worthy awkward moments! Watching Jon Favreau cook for Scarlett Johansson felt like I was watching them expose the secret I have kept for the last a person with amazing kitchen skills is a HUGE turn on haha! Also much of is is true and gives you an insight into the kitchen world! Ps....cornmeal on the's real. Check the trailer and go see it...perfect date night!

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