I needed a bit of a cheer up this am and I got it from three very funny men.....13 min of goodness for you!
Yes it's true we played The Roots on The Point a BUNCH when "The Seed 2.0" came out in 2003. It is your Alt 2K Song of the Day!
Ok so I'm a total FREAK about Game of Thrones! I cannot wait for Season 5 to start APRIL 12th! If you want more on where the plot is going check out this great rundown CLICK HERE ! You can watch the Season 5 trailer HERE But for now....feast your eyes on the newest cast members...
Like most people I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED the movie "Ted" seeing the trailer for "Ted 2" has me PUMPED UP TODAY!!! It is coming out June 26th! ENJOY.....(oh Mark Wahlberg I love thee so!)
Alt 2K Song of the Day: "Go Getter Greg" from Ludo ......I miss Ludo.
Charlie from the 573 texted in his request for ANY song from Incubus' 2006 album "Light Grenades" so I chose "DIG" I love the lyrics to this song!
I'm sorry this is soooo adorable,too adorable not to share!
Alt 2k Song of the Day: yeah yeah I know we did 2007 yesterday but I couldn't deny Mark's request simply on the terms that I miss this song,selfish I know! "Almost Easyt" A7X
Alt 2K Song of the Day: "Ten Ton Brick" by Hurt I wanted to post a LIVE video since this band is so great live and I found a video from them playing here in STL check it out...maybe you can find yourself in the crowd!