I loved The Joy Formidable from the first time I heard them, so did Dave Grohl! Click HERE for his thoughts! 1st Song of the Day: "Whirring" The Joy Formidable
SEE PEE WEE HERMAN in the Official Music Video for this song here
I've seen this video floating around a bit so I'm curious.....what do you think? Should weBAN the TIP? ps I love college humor!
Alt 2K Song of the Day comes from Phoenix. One of the nicest albiet hardest to understand bands I've ever interviewed! "1901" came out in 2009 sooooo it fits the rules for an Alt 2K Song! Here is my interview with Phoenix a while that jacket is the BEST! Lux...
Alt 2K Song of the Day: Brendan in South County called in to request "Face Down" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus....heres lookin at you 2006!
One of my favorite NEW tunes we are spinnin here at the station is by Tv on the Radio "Happy Idiot" and I wanted to check out the music video and was DELIGHTED to find Paul Reubens is the main character Racing Steven!!!
2006 Alt 2K Song of the Day: Shiny Toy Guns "Le Disko" This song was HUGE in 2006-2007!!! Mostly because of their song being featured in the HOT NEW PHONE of the time's commercial..... \ VIdeo itself was pretty SEXY too....They played Pointfest not to long after this and their...
Casey from Fenton asked me to play "Personal Jesus" Marilyn Manson for the Alt 2K Song of the Day! I can't believe this came out in 2004! Makes me feel OLD ha!
Things I struggle with being an adult without a kid....kid movies. SO ya i'll borrow my niece or any kid with parents permission to see this flick it looks so good! I LOVE trailers,I lothe when i'm late to the theater and miss them soooooo I hop on the interwebs and try and find...