Game of Thrones Season 6 premieres April 24th at 9PM. I'm FREAKING PUMPED!
And before you ask....yes, I married the bass player of this band.
Paul Brewer ‏ @ brewerpaul 2h 2 hours ago @LUXonRadio today is my 21st anniversary. Can you play 2005's Swing Life Away for Alt2K? That's the year we moved to St Louis. Thx, Paul. Yes yes we can do that Paul, Happy Anniversary and enjoy your ALT 2K!
I'm a lady, I have lady parts, those parts do what most all womes parts do, your mom dealt with it, your sister deals with it, your teacher, coworker,boss....I mean are you seeing the pattern. This is something we women deal with....having a period. This can make many men...
I know most of you have your FAVORITE SNL cast. For some of you it's Gilda Radner or Will Ferrell. I have never claimed any one cast as my own, instead I'm declaring my love past, present, and future! This past week, Leslie Jones with host Peter Dinklage just made me tear up...
I love this song and it made me love the film "Go" know with Katie Homes? Soooooo year 2000!!!!! The style in this video alone is making me flas back to my freshman year in high school!