Like most people I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED the movie "Ted" seeing the trailer for "Ted 2" has me PUMPED UP TODAY!!! It is coming out June 26th! ENJOY.....(oh Mark Wahlberg I love thee so!)
Alt 2K Song of the Day: "Go Getter Greg" from Ludo ......I miss Ludo.
Charlie from the 573 texted in his request for ANY song from Incubus' 2006 album "Light Grenades" so I chose "DIG" I love the lyrics to this song!
I'm sorry this is soooo adorable,too adorable not to share!
Alt 2k Song of the Day: yeah yeah I know we did 2007 yesterday but I couldn't deny Mark's request simply on the terms that I miss this song,selfish I know! "Almost Easyt" A7X
Alt 2K Song of the Day: "Ten Ton Brick" by Hurt I wanted to post a LIVE video since this band is so great live and I found a video from them playing here in STL check it out...maybe you can find yourself in the crowd!
Ok so this is the craziest thing I've heard in weeks...let me break this down. Woman opens kids toys in videos on youtube and makes $4.9 MIL! Ya it's crazy and I wish I had thought of it. Read more here , kids apparently ADORE these videos! WTF?! Please play this for ur kiddo...
"Closing Time" by Semisonic is a's rare that you can find a human who can't finish the lyric "Closing Time, You Don't have to go home but,____ ______ ______ _______." Well it isn't about a bar's about the birth of his baby! He tells the Story but if...