I remember going to see The Used at Warped Tour sometime in the early 2000's and being in AWE! I still love this band! Alt 2K Song of the Day: "Blood on My Hands" The Used 2009
Honestly I'm glad as precaution they are calling in State Patrol, of course other Police Depts around the city will lend a hand. Lets support our police force as they try to keep the PEACE in the days to come. The officers out there in riot gear are here to protect. THe gear is...
Alt 2K Song of the Day: 2009 Sick Puppies "Maybe" Emma Anzai was just named the TOP Female Metal/Rock Bassiest! She is nicknamed The Female Flea...a nod to RHCP! Read the whole artical here
Alt 2K Song of the Day from Jenna in the 618: 2006 Evanescence "Call me when your Sober"
So I didn't know what "The Chive" was untill someone (NOT ME) posted my photo on there a few times and people started to text/tweet me about it. I'm still not fully versed in the ways of a "Chiver" but they posted this adorable adorable it felt like a crime not to...
I LOVE trailers,I lothe when i'm late to the theater and miss them soooooo I hop on the interwebs and try and find the next movie i'm craving to see! I'll post a trailer here every Thursday! Watch the trailer and judge SEE IT or SKIP IT! Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence...
Alt 2K Song of the Day: "Bartender" 2000 Hed PE THAT HAIR!!!! YESSSS!!!
Alt 2K Song of the Day: "Almost Easy" 2007 Avenged Sevenfold or A7X if you are in the know!
Alt 2K Song of the Day: 2006 Disturbed "Land of Confusion Cartoon video's still rule!