I hope you and your loved ones and friends have a very Happy Thanksgiving! If you are feeling like your family is the crazies...don'[t miss these AWKWARD FAMILY subscribe to them on youtube it's worth it!
The St. Louis Post Dispatch has announced that the Grand Jury has reached a decision and that announcement may follow this evening...since news ins't my bag(Im a music girl people) CLICK HERE for details . BE PEACFUL,BE MINDFUL,BE SAFE, BE SUPPORTIVE.
Alt 2K Song of the Day: 2000 No Doubt " Ex Girlfriend" (Photo courtesy of PRPhotos) It is on the soundtrack to the amazing 2000 movie "Go" drugs,sex,crazy parties......yes pleas (it's on HBO go this month if you wanna watch it).
My favorite YOUTUBE series is the "IN THE OPEN" videos that Young The Giant is putting out....we know musicians can sound great when they are mixed and mastered in a studio or in a crowded theater full of fans singing along...but when they strip down and play with differant...
Alt 2K Song of the Day: Smile Empty Soul "Bottem of the Bottle" Sean(singer) from Smile Empty Soul will have an accoustic show TONIGHT at The Mad Magician click for tickets $12 gets you in! Divine Sorrow will open with an accoustic set!
I LOVE trailers,I lothe when i'm late to the theater and miss them soooooo I hop on the interwebs and try and find the next movie i'm craving to see! I'll post a trailer here every Thursday! Watch the trailer and judge SEE IT or SKIP IT! Ugh Horrible Bosses was a FANTASTIC...
Alt 2K Song of the Day: 2005 All American Rejects "Dirty Little Secret"
Alt 2K Song of the Day: 2008 "Troublemaker" Weezer Records broken in the music video...they did it before Paramore!
Ok so in high school I was in PIZZAZZ(PCHS) Swing Choir....if you have ever watched Glee it's like that but with lifts and flips. We all looked up to the Indiana University "Straight No Chaser" acapella group! Well they teamed up with Kristen Bell to bring you "Text Me Merry...