You know I'm not even gonna say anything about this...except....ENJOY!
Seems like STL is talking pretty loud...loud enough for Mayor Slay to hear us and ask us what we think... Should STL follow in step with Colorado's legalization of recreational Marijuana??? Poll takes 5 min and is annonomous! Click HERE! Also they are plowing the City of STL...
After three days on the couch I have come up with my two OBSCURE but AWESOME Netflix recommendations....I also asked for your input....SO here are the TOP 4. Please feel free to add yours in the comments....but seriously don't suggest the OBVIOUS yes Breaking Bad,Dexter,American...
As if you needed ANOTHER reason to love the bands playing the SOLD OUT Ho Ho Show #4..... Twenty One Pilots Thirty Seconds To Mars(rent "Artifact" it's worth it,wow!)
CONGRATS! I don't believe in prohibition being a positive way to deal with the weed debate in any country. This is going to be an experiment that all nations will observe! I'm hoping it goes well and then we get over the stigmas and do it here. Read all about it HERE !
Guys and Gals alike LOVE the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show! I forgot to DVR it,I'm enjoy this video of the HOTTEST HOTTIES...soundtrack by Point Artist Fall Out Boy. Click Here!
This is just so sad. Let her be happy and in love. Why do we care who she is with or what he looks like? Some of the comments are seriously racist too! Click HERE for the story!
Ian Watkins, former lead singer of the Welsh band Lostprophets, pleaded guilty on Tuesday (November 26th) to a series of child sex abuse charges that included the attempted rape of a baby. It's so DISTURBING that I can't even type the details.... This is graphic... Click Here
Sunday is my birthday,I wont tell you how old...i'm a lady gosh darn it! But I will say that the booze will be flowin and I can bet I'll do a bit of dancer,er I went online looking for're welcome.