f you live in a state where 420-esque celebrations are legal please enjoy thiese videos as they should be enjoyed, if you live in STL grab a Bob Marley Mellow Tea (haha) from the grocery store and enjoy these Happy 420 ya'll! If you are curious about legalization in MO peep what...
2008 brought us scene dudes in skinny jeans and masks, Hollywood Undead, "Young" is your Alt2K Song of the Day.....
You First Song of the Day: Manchester Orchestra "I've Got Friends" I rented this movie to watch tonight called "Kill Your Friends".....just incase you needed an Amazon Rental Suggestion!
Moon and I disscussed this on air and both of us can't come up with a good reason for the lead singer to have acted like this....this video is tough to watch.... This isn't the first time.....lets flashback to June 2015.........(12:20 mark)
Game of Thrones Season 6 premieres April 24th at 9PM. I'm FREAKING PUMPED!
And before you ask....yes, I married the bass player of this band.
Paul Brewer ‏ @ brewerpaul 2h 2 hours ago @LUXonRadio today is my 21st anniversary. Can you play 2005's Swing Life Away for Alt2K? That's the year we moved to St Louis. Thx, Paul. Yes yes we can do that Paul, Happy Anniversary and enjoy your ALT 2K!
I'm a lady, I have lady parts, those parts do what most all womes parts do, your mom dealt with it, your sister deals with it, your teacher, coworker,boss....I mean are you seeing the pattern. This is something we women deal with....having a period. This can make many men...