I'm pretty sure we are all on the same page in our recent obsession with Meg Myers....her new song from her debut album is called "Sorry" and it came out today! I'm gonna play it today around 2:30pm....but she did a special performance of the song and I'm in love with the video...
Ok so I'm a total FREAK about Game of Thrones! I cannot wait for Season 5 to start APRIL 12th! If you want more on where the plot is going check out this great rundown CLICK HERE ! You can watch the Season 5 trailer HERE But for now....feast your eyes on the newest cast members...
I'm sorry this is soooo adorable,too adorable not to share!
SEE PEE WEE HERMAN in the Official Music Video for this song here
I've seen this video floating around a bit so I'm curious.....what do you think? Should weBAN the TIP? ps I love college humor!
One of my favorite NEW tunes we are spinnin here at the station is by Tv on the Radio "Happy Idiot" and I wanted to check out the music video and was DELIGHTED to find Paul Reubens is the main character Racing Steven!!!
BRING YO CANS! Watch Moon juggle some balls while I juggle some cans.... Moon and Lux Juggle