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Donny Fandango


What years were you on the on air at the Point?

96-2000, 08-current

What was the name of your show?

It was the Fandango Experiment…but now…I got nothing

Who else was on the show with you?

I’ve only had one co host and that was lovely Christy Swyers

What features did you do on your show?

The Pit, Cage Match, Wayback @5

What are your most memorable experiences from your time on The Point?

Going to Lollapalooza in Chicago and meeting Mike Ness from Social D was really great…Getting to sing on stage with the Urge at Mississippi Nights was really cool too

What are your most memorable Pointfest experiences?

Doing my first big Pointfest stage announcement with Jeff Burton bringing on The Offspring was insane

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