Before you ask your question to The Point - Check out these Frequently Asked Questions below to see if we've already answered your question.

When is and Who is playing Pointfest?

Answer: Whenever we announce one of our two yearly Pointfests at Verizon Wireless Ampitheater we immediately update with all the info on the bands, the date of the show, etc. So if you're not finding any info on the main page of on our next Pointfest then that means we haven't announced it yet. Keep checking back on the main page of our website or click on the Pointfest link for new updates/info..

Can I get the Point on my Iphone, Droid, or computer?

Answer: Yes! Check out our Where to Listen section for info on our available app and browser download options.

How do I get a Point // NINJA // Got Wood Sticker?

Answer: Mail us a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

KPNT // 105.7 The Point
Attn: Point Promotions Dept.
401 S. 18th Street, Suite 100
The Powerhouse Building
St. Louis, MO 63103

Inside that envelope that you mail us make sure there's a self-addressed stamped envelope inside that we can mail you back your requested stickers in and also include a note of which stickers you would like us to send you.

Will you guys play my band/music?

Answer:We do not accept submissions or requests for airplay through our "Ask The Point" email address. The "Ask The Point" email address is inteded for use by Point listeners who want to ask questions about "Point" related events/giveaways/etc. Email submissions / Press releases / questions about airplay sent to the "Ask The Point" email are NOT read or viewed by anyone in our programming department.

I won tickets or a prize on The Point! Can you guys mail me that prize?

Answer: Unfortunately our policy is that The Point can NOT mail out tickets/prizes to contest winners. If you've won a prize on The Point, unless the DJ specifically instructs you otherwise, you must pick up that prize from the radio station during our normal buisness hours. For information about our lobby hours and for directions to the station click here.

What song did you guys just play? Who sings this one song I heard?

Answer: Before you email us about a song we recently played make sure to check out the "Recently Played" section on our website here. Most of the songs we played over the past 5 days should be available on that list.

An upcoming Point concert sold out and I didn't buy tickets in time! Will you guys hook me up with tickets?

Answer: All tickets that we are provided by bands/management/concert venues are allocated for giveaway on-air, on, on our Facebook/Twitter pages, or at an upcoming station event. So unfortunately we do NOT have "extras" to hook up listeners unless they are able to win during one of our many ticket giveaways.

Feedback from our listeners is very important! If you have a comment or question regarding 105.7 The Point please email us at

This email is NOT for Song Requests. If you have a song you would like to request on 105.7 The Point please call us at (314)969-3833 or text us at 48258