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7 Lions - Born to Run

7 LionsArtist: 7 Lions

Song: Born to Run



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“A rock show that gives you a reason to dance,” this is what 7LIONS, the newest band signed to superstar producer RedOne’s label 2101 Records, brings to it’s fans. This Los Angeles based aggregation reveals a potent merger of rock and hiphop like it’s never been done before. The difference between 7LIONS and the pioneers before them is the fusion of the urban hip-hop poetry from their rapper Mika “Prophet” Guillory, the alternative rock influences of their lead singer/guitarist Forrest Fulmer and the electronic/pop/rock production of their keyboardist Morgan Taylor Reid; diverse musical backgrounds that create an explosive, epic sound. A tight knit group, 7LIONS also includes band members Will Carpenter (Lead Guitar/Back-Up Vox), Daniel Hange (Bass) and Tony Tommasi (Drums).


The evolutionary three-year journey of this band began when a mutual friend introduced Prophet and Forrest at a live performance of Omission, Fulmer, Carpenter and Tommasi’s band at the time. Prophet, who became a regular guest performer in Omission’s live set, vibed so well with the group that they started a new project together called Terra Incognita. The blend of alternative rock with hip hop vocals proved to be a winning combination with nightclub patrons, so Terra Incognita began performing across Los Angeles. Six months into the Terra Incognita project, Fulmer reconnected with longtime friend, songwriter and record producer Morgan Taylor Reid and invited him to become involved as the band’s keyboardist. Reid brought electronic/pop elements to the rock/rap band and he eventually co-wrote and produced a song called “Born To Run” for 7LIONS that would change the direction of the band’s sound forever.


Through his company Teruo Artistry and prior to Terra Incognita, Prophet had developed a relationship with Charlie Walk (former President of Epic Records/Head of Radio Promotions for Columbia Records). Prophet then was introduced to producer

 RedOne (Lady Gaga, U2, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull). Prophet and RedOne’s artistic connection lead to the signing of Terra Incognita to RedOne’s label 2101 Records, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group. RedOne’s excitement over the “Born to Run” single prompted Prophet and Fulmer’s return to the studio with producer Reid to write more new songs for the band. Upon hearing the new tracks, RedOne was thrilled with the new direction. He then encouraged them to find a new band name that would capture a deeper meaning and would also fit their new sound, thus 7LIONS was born. 7LIONS’ new sound has become a hit, not only with their fans; the “Lionheads,” but it has caught the attention of - a broad spectrum of music industry professionals. Even in the absence of an album release, the popularity of this band has begun to soar. The evidence is in thousands of adoring internet fans and consistently packed out shows at some of the most popular venues in Los Angeles (The Viper Room, Key Club, Bardot, etc.


7LIONS is currently finishing their debut album with producers RedOne and Morgan Taylor Reid that includes brand new tracks “Emergency,” “Lose Ur Mind,” and “One More Time.” Their new single “Born to Run” is planned to be released mid 1st Qtr 2012. 7LIONS continues to perform throughout Los Angeles including colossal live shows at the newly remolded CityWalk stage at Universal Studios, raw acoustic sets at KIIS FM’s Clear Channel Performance Studio, and several crowd pleasing performances at venues along the Sunset Strip. 7LIONS is poised to make some resounding waves in the world of rock music. Meanwhile, their high energy live performances are reverberating from the clubs to the streets to the consciousness of an expanding legion of devout fans.






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