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Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor told Rock Revolt in a new video interview that the band faced a choice at the end of last year: fire drummer and co-founder Joey Jordison or split up. The band chose the first option, letting Jordison go in December in a move that shocked fans and is still clouded in mystery.

Taylor reiterated that the band cannot discuss details of the situation just yet out of respect to Jordison and due to legal issues that must be sorted out. But he did say about the decision, "It's hard. Really hard. But the only other thing was shutting the band down -- and none of us wanted to do that, so we're pushing on."

  • Jordison himself has said little except to acknowledge that he did not leave of his own accord and that he had been "blindsided" by the move.
  • Taylor also revealed that Slipknot is looking at "a few people" to replace Jordison, adding, "It comes down to someone who can play the old stuff, but bring in a certain creativity. As soon as we know the fans will know."
  • Although Jordison said last year that he had "dozens of songs" ready for the next Slipknot album, Taylor said that none of that material will appear on the band's fifth studio effort, which is due for release in late 2014 or early 2015.
  • The singer added, "The dynamic will change a little bit, but we all write. I know there's this myth out there that Joey wrote everything -- but it's not true at all. We all bring something to the table. We're going to be able to put something really cool together."

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