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AWOLNation frontman Aaron Bruno recently revealed to Rolling Stone that one of the guest artists he's working with on the band's second album is former Journey vocalist Steve Perry. Bruno explained, "We became friends. It feels weird for me to talk about -- I feel like I'm bragging about how this legend likes the music I've written. But he asked for my number. He reached out to me."

  • Perry has not been heard on a record since the mid-2000s.
  • Bruno added that there are still a "couple of massive surprises that could happen" in terms of guests for AWOLNation's sophomore effort.
  • Bruno said he has nine songs written so far for the new disc, which will follow up 2011's Megalithic Symphony.
  • He revealed that the songs this time are turning out much more introspective, saying, "The first record was really about more world issues and the discovery of the reality of how stuff works and how we are as humans. But this one seems to be a little bit more reflective, more about human relationships."
  • "Sail," the massive hit single from Megalithic Symphony, just notched its 68th week on the Billboard Hot 100 chart earlier this week, giving it the fifth longest chart stay in the survey's 55-year history.

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