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Beck has said in a new interview with Argentinean news site Pagina12 that his disillusionment with the music business as well as health issues led to a six-year gap between albums. The singer-songwriter explained, "The music business is changing a lot, it also changes the way people listen. So I thought a lot about what it means to make music, whether people pay attention. It seems that major artists release an album and the next day no one talks about it."

He continued, "I think most musicians feel alienated from the business side of music. We are in a business created specifically for business people . . . music is like any other product they have to sell. I need to think about how to deliver it to people. But if left to musicians it would be something completely different, I’m sure."

  • Although Beck emerged during the alternative music heyday of the early '90s, he told us a while back that he never wanted to be pigeonholed as one type of artist: "You can't really control it, but a lot of what I try to do is a subversion of the usual deal. You come up with a thing and people grab that and get into that, and it's a real superficial thing. I'm looking for a more long-term connection."
  • Beck also revealed to Pagina12 that an injury to his spine slowed down his career, saying, "I had severe damage to my spine, but now it’s improving so I’m back in the music. It was a long, long recovery . . . (Don't) think I can move again as before, although I can give a lot onstage."
  • Beck recently signed a new deal with Capitol Records and will release his first new album since 2008's Modern Guilt in February 2014.
  • The disc, titled Morning Phase, is his 12th studio effort and has been described as a sort of companion piece to Beck's 2002 classic Sea Change . It features many of the same musicians who played on that record.
  • Although Beck's last recorded work was Modern Guilt, in 2012 he issued Song Reader, a collection of 20 new songs released in sheet music form for other artists to interpret.

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