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Although the Killers released a greatest hits collection this past Tuesday (November 11th) called Direct Hits, the band has revealed that they would have preferred to not issue it at all. Speaking with the Daily Star, drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. said that the record came out only because the band was forced to release it by their record contract.

Vannucci explained, "We'd wait another 10 years if it was up to us, but it's a contractual thing. We can fill a CD so it makes good business sense at this time of year. However, it's not like we're so pleased with ourselves we want to put it out. It feels like a douchie move."

  • Vannucci also insisted that the arrival of a "best of" album did not mean the Killers were breaking up, saying, "I'm looking forward to coming back when we're ready. It's a very strange existence, a huge juggling act to navigate this rock 'n' roll life. The perception of us is what it is -- people know what's up."
  • Direct Hits contains all the singles from the band's four studio albums, plus new songs "Shot At The Night" and "Just Another Girl."
  • A "Fan Deluxe Edition" includes the original demo of "Mr. Brightside," a new remix of "When You Were Young," a documentary on the Killers' career and all the songs on five 10-inch vinyl records.
  • The group intends to take at least a year off, with singer Brandon Flowers planning to work on a second solo disc.

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