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Metallica's 3D IMAX concert movie, Metallica Through The Never, has taken in just $3.2 million at the box office in three weeks of release, but drummer Lars Ulrich told The Quietus that he is not ready to write the film off as a flop. Ulrich explained, "That remains to be seen! Ask me when I come back and talk about the new record two years from now . . . I'm sure that if we don't make all the money back, then, I don't know, (we will in) T-shirt sales seven years down the line."

Metallica Through The Never reportedly cost $18 million to make, with the band putting up all the money for the project. Ulrich said, "Creative experiences aren't really ones we share with anyone other than the closest few that we sort of purposefully let in. So to sit there and take a bunch of money from a bunch of people to then have them (be) involved in editing and controlling the movie and so on just seemed wrong."

Bassist Robert Trujillo told us that working with a large group of filmmaking personnel was a new and unsettling experience: "The price tag on it is not just the ridiculous part of it, but just, you know, trusting all these producers and everybody that's involved, you know. It's new territory. Filmmaking is definitely a scary adventure and can be very stressful."

Metallica Through The Never opened on September 27th for a one-week exclusive run at IMAX theaters, expanding to more screens around the country a week later.

The band filmed the bulk of the movie at two concerts in Vancouver in the summer of 2012, using a $5 million stage show specially constructed for the production.

Metallica is slated to begin work on a new album sometime in early 2014, although Ulrich recently hinted that some kind of announcement was coming soon regarding a "new frontier" for the group.

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