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Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti has opened up a new art installation on Manhattan's Lower East Side, according to NME. The piece has popped up outside the Rag & Bone clothing store on East Houston Street and features rows of altars filled with handmade plastic astronauts. The installation is part of the clothing brand's ongoing urban art project, in which the retailer gets artists to revamp the store's exterior facade.

The Strokes released their fifth album, Comedown Machine, last March, but has done no touring or promotion for the disc.

Guitarist Albert Hammond Jr., who has been doing press behind his new solo EP AHJ, has denied that the band is finished.

He said in an interview that there could be "10 more Strokes albums" in the future, adding, "There might be times when we're not doing things but I don't feel like we'll ever stop."

Hammond released AHJ on October 8th through Cult Records, a label owned by Strokes singer Julian Casablancas.

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