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Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd has reiterated in a new interview with Billboard that the band's current hiatus -- its second in seven years -- does not mean that the group has hit the end of the road. Boyd explained, "By no means does it mean that Incubus is finished, I think that it means we are honoring all the albums and the art we've made together through the years by giving it a chance to breathe. And when we come back around to do another Incubus record it'll be a lot more lovingly informed, I think the intentions behind why we made a record will be a lot more clear."

Guitarist Mike Einziger told us that when Incubus does get together to make music, there's no great mystery to how it's done: "It's this really organic thing. We literally, like, we sit down and we just play music together. And for better, for worse, whatever comes out of that is what comes out of it, you know. It's what we've always wanted to do and it's why we keep doing it, you know. And it's so fun and we're really lucky to be able to spend our time doing that."

Incubus' last album was 2011's If Not Now, When?. There was a five-year break between that disc and its predecessor, 2006's Light Grenades.

If Not Now, When? was Incubus' last album with Sony Music and Boyd revealed that the band was glad to be out of its contract. He said, "I think there was a collective sense of relief when we finished the contract and we finished the tour. With the label deal being done and hitting that Incubus nail for a really really long time it just felt like an appropriate time to allow other projects to manifest."

During their current hiatus, Mike Einziger has worked with film composer Hans Zimmer on the score for The Lone Ranger and co-wrote the new single "Wake Me Up" with DJ Avicii.

Boyd released the debut album with his new side project, Sons Of The Sea, on September 24th. It follows a four-track EP issued earlier this year.

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