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Congratulations go out to Papa Roach singer Jacoby Shaddix and his wife Kelly, who welcomed their third son into the world on Tuesday morning (September 17th) at 9:45 a.m. PT. The boy, named Brixton Gabriel Shaddix, weighed in at seven pounds and three ounces and measured 19 inches long. He joins big brothers Makaile Ceilo Shaddix, who is 11 years old, and Jagger Monroe Shaddix, who just turned nine.

Shaddix told us that it's been difficult sometimes for his wife to accept him being out on the road while she's back home pregnant: "That's come up in a few conversations, you know, but I mean, we've been together so long that it's like, there's an understanding. It's like, this is what I do, this is how I provide for my family, you know, this is my passion, you know. She has passions in her life and we're kind enough to each other and love each other enough to respect that about each other, and we're a rock 'n' roll family, you know, and that's just, you know, we owe our lives to rock 'n' roll. It's really afforded us a great life."

With Papa Roach just completing the Carnival Of Madness tour with Shinedown and others, Shaddix was able to get home in time for Brixton's birth.

Shaddix admitted last year that he and his wife of 16 years separated for a time during the making of the band's most recent album, The Connection, although they eventually reconciled: "We're working it out again, you know. We started going to therapy and counseling and doing that whole deal and really, like -- we both had to just lay everything out on the line and just be completely honest with each other, and in the whole process realizing, you know, we really, we are meant for each other, you know. It's just like, we've got to learn how to work together again as a team, you know. It sounds kind of cliche or whatever, but it's like, the left hand got to know what the right hand is doing, and the right hand's got to appreciate what the left hand is doing."

Shaddix also fell off the wagon while making the record, but managed to get sober again.

He has also struggled with voice problems in the past year and had surgery to correct the issues last fall, although the band missed some dates this past summer when they flared up again.

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