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Students at the Brennan Rock and Roll Academy in Sioux Falls, South Dakota will get a huge treat on Saturday, September 28th when Slash comes to visit and jam with them. The school provides music education for kids from Boys & Girls Clubs and focuses on playing rock music. According to HenneMusic, Academy founder and Dollar Loan Center CEO Chuck Brennan first met Slash at Rockfest in Cadott, Wisconsin. The two hit it off and started discussing the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy and the fact that it's the first-ever free music program for the children of the Boys and Girls Clubs.

Brennan said, "Slash was so impressed that he immediately wanted to get involved and show his support to the academy and the kids. Slash will be the first celebrity rock star to watch the kids perform and see their concert."

When Slash found out that one of the student bands intends to perform the Guns N' Roses version of Bob Dylan's "Knocking On Heaven's Door," he insisted that he get up and jam with the kids.

Brennan remarked, "Can you even begin to comprehend how cool it's going to be for these kids who just learned how to play and are performing their first little concert in front of their peers to play with Slash?" The legendary guitarist will meet with the students after the show to offer advice and encouragement.

The concert at the Academy will feature three student bands who have been learning their instruments since the school opened in April.

Slash, who has two young sons, told us a while back how becoming a father affected his life: "That was one of the defining moments in my life where I actually turned around and looked at everything from a perspective of sensibility. So it was right at a time where I'd finally come to terms with myself and sort of had figured out where my goals were. And so I got these great two little kids and I just wanna sort of bring 'em up in sort of the rock and roll fashion, which is how I was born, you know, and raised, and they're great."

Nothing Left To Fear, the first horror film produced by Slash under his Slasher Films banner, opens in limited theatrical release on October 4th, and hits VOD and DVD on October 8th.

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