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The members of Avenged Sevenfold have defended their musical choices in a new interview with the U.K.'s Team Rock Radio. Discussing the band's newly-released sixth studio effort, Hail To The King, the band members stand behind their decision to make a record that sounds more like old-school heavy rock, with singer M. Shadows saying, "We wouldn't have been happy making another (2010 album) Nightmare, we wouldn't have been happy making a (2003 second CD) Waking The Fallen, so if you're not happy doing it, what's the point of releasing it?"

Shadows adds, "To me that's the definition of a sell-out, is people that don't write the music that they truly want to write."

The singer told us that he holds Avenged Sevenfold records to very high standards: "We're not writing a record for money or to go on tour again. We're writing a record for our legacy. Like, we want to put out only good records, and we want to take our time with them and make sure it's the best thing that represents us at this time. And so, a lot of times we sit there and go, like, we don't want any filler, we don't want this, we need to get it tighter, tighter, tighter, better, better, better."

Shadows said a few months back that the sound of the new CD was channeling earlier records from acts like Pantera, Metallica, Black Sabbath and others, a far cry from the band's original, more hardcore style.

Avenged Sevenfold recently notched the fifth Number One single of the band's career as the song "Hail To The King" reached the top of the Active Rock radio chart.

The band will begin a fall headlining North American tour on October 3rd in Chicago, concluding on October 26th in Las Vegas. Support on the road trip will come from Deftones and Ghost. Get info on the St. Louis, Pointergeist date, HERE.

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