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Korn guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch is offering fans a taste of their new track "Love & Meth" in his most recent post for his monthly column "HeAd's KoRner" on Loudwire.com. Welch and his bandmates are overseas promoting their new album The Paradigm Shift before their first gig in Shanghai, China but he revealed that they had made a plan before they left to release another song on top of their latest single "Never Never."

Brian wrote, "A few months ago, the KoRn camp came up with the plan to release another song around the same time as the 'Never Never' single was released. We filmed two videos last week before we flew to Europe -- one for the 'Never Never' single and the other for a bangin' song called 'Love & Meth.'" He went on to explain that the videos would not be done for a few weeks so he invited everyone to check out a 90 second clip of the track to tide them over.

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