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Nickelback, Stone Sour, Theory Of A Deadman and many others are among the acts included on XXX: Three Decades Of Roadrunner Records, a four-CD boxed set chronicling the history of one of the most highly regarded labels in heavy rock and metal history. The set is due for release on October 1st and will contain 54 tracks from dozens of artists ranging from the company's earliest signings to its more recent offerings.

The first disc, called "Foundations," highlights early underground metal signings such as Mercyful Fate, Carnivore, Type O Negative and others. Disc two, titled "Horns Up," features key signings of the 1990s such as Slipknot, Machine Head, Sepultura and more. The third disc, called "And Metal For All," brings the listener into the 2000s with bands like Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Dream Theater and others, while the final CD, "Rock For The Ages," focuses on hard rock and classic acts like Nickelback, Rush, Theory Of A Deadman, Korn and many more.

Roadrunner was successful on the underground metal scene for years until Nickelback's third album, Silver Side Up, became a multi-platinum smash and made the company competitive with the major music labels.

Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger told us a while back that Roadrunner was determined to stick with the group even before they broke through: "I'm very proud to be largely responsible for putting them on the map. I mean, they were doing the same thing for us when we were nobodies. They were just sinking tons of money they didn't have into us and really trying to break us as their first radio band. And then we turned around and handed them Silver Side Up so...I mean if we were on any other record label in the world we would have been dropped after our first month of s***ty sales."

Other major commercial successes included albums from Stone Sour and Theory Of A Deadman, while the label also partnered with veteran acts like Rush, Korn and Rob Zombie.

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