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Metallica's first-ever performances in China, which took place last Tuesday and Wednesday (August 13th and 14th) at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, have been filmed for a documentary about the trip. Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich revealed that information during a press conference in Shanghai, saying, "Being here in this wonderful country and feeling the energy and excitement, the idea came up to celebrate it and to try to document it and to try to get the experience out . . . there may be 20,000 of you who came to this arena yesterday and today, so we figured that if we filmed and shared the experience then maybe we could get to more of you and maybe there could be a next-level relationship between Metallica and China that could last for decades."

Ulrich added that plans for the film possibly included "bringing some local bands into it and bringing some actors in and maybe some way bridging this into the Through The Never movie that we made in the United States."

It is not clear whether the proposed documentary would be a China-only release or would also be available in the rest of the world.

Metallica's first show in China sold out in record time and faster than any other Western act that has played the country before.

On meeting Chinese fans, Ulrich said, "The interactions with the fans have been very emotionally engaged; they're very appreciative and thankful that we're here. Obviously there is a language barrier . . . but you can feel that there is a passion and that there's been a longing for this moment that is really special."

The band's current Asian run is taking them to South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, where it ends on August 25th. The only other live date on Metallica's schedule for the rest of 2013 is September 19th in Rio.

Next up for Metallica is the release of the band's 3D movie, Metallica Through The Never, which arrives in limited release on September 27th before expanding its run on October 4th. A soundtrack album arrives on September 24th.

The movie is part concert film and part fictional narrative, with the latter centering on a roadie played by Dane DeHaan who must go on a mysterious mission for the band during the course of a live performance.

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