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Metallica will offer fans a first look at footage from its upcoming 3D movie, Metallica Through The Never, on Friday night (July 19th) during a panel presentation at Comic-Con in San Diego. FrontmanJames Hetfield told us how the idea for the movie first came about: "We had wanted to make a 3D movie, and then we had wanted to tour this stage that was a 'best-of,' that had all of the greats of all of our other tours, and then they morphed together. It's like, 'Well, why not film it before you tour it?' And then it became this whole other thing: 'If we're gonna make a movie, I want it to be this,' and 'Why don't we have a story in there?' And then we just started to run with it, and it became more unique than we had ever thought."

The final result is a film that combines performance footage with a narrative story about a roadie named Trip played by Chronicle star Dane DeHaan who's sent on a mission during a sold out show.

After the band debuts the trailer and movie poster, they will answer questions alongside director/writerNimrod Antal and producer Charlotte Huggins. They are also set to perform an intimate concert at a secret location after the panel.

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