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Jack White has told Rolling Stone in a new interview that he has always been obsessed with the U2 track "Love Is Blindness" ever since first hearing it as a teenager after he purchased the Irish group's seventh album, Achtung Baby. White recalled, "I listened to that a lot in my headphones. I listened to that on repeat quite often." White liked the track so much, in fact, that he's recorded it twice -- the latest version for the soundtrack of the new movie The Great Gatsby.

White first cut the song in 2011 at the request of U2 guitarist The Edge, who asked White if he wanted to contribute to a collection of Achtung Baby covers celebrating the album's 20th anniversary.

White explained, "I get requests for some kind of compilation, duet or tribute album twice a week, and I always say no. I can't stand 99 percent of them -- they're just wastes of time . . . I thought, 'Well, this feels real close to me. As long as I can do "Love Is Blindness." As long as no one's taken that.'"

White and The Edge first became friendly as two of the subjects of a 2008 documentary called It Might Get Loud.

Now White has recorded the track again for The Great Gatsby soundtrack, which has been executive produced by Jay-Z. White said, "I talked to Jay-Z a lot. We went back and forth on a lot of ideas. But the one that I kept thinking about, the one that was interesting just for me, was the 'Love Is Blindness' track."

The Gatsby soundtrack arrives in stores on Tuesday (May 7th) and also features songs from Beyonce, Fergie, Gotye, Jay-Z himself, Florence And The Machine and others. The movie, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan, opens this Friday (May 10th).

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