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Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl is giving the keynote address on Thursday (March 14th) at South By Southwest, the annual music, film and new media conference in Austin, Texas. Grohl told USA Today that he is confident about his address, saying he has not written a speech but will be working off notes. He explained, "My father wrote speeches for politicians in Washington and worked on Capitol Hill for 20 years. My mother is a forensics coach. She's a public-speaking coach, so she teaches debate and she's a brilliant woman . . . So one of the things I know to do is not to read a speech."

Grohl admitted, however, that he's a little nervous to follow last year's address by Bruce Springsteen, saying, "That was like the Gettysburg Address. He laid it down."

Despite his self-assuredness behind the mic, the former Nirvana drummer revealed to us a while back that, surprisingly, he was nervous about becoming a frontman with Foo Fighters: "When the Foo Fighters started playing, it was scary, because singing upfront with a guitar in your hand and having everyone stare at you as the lead vocalist is a lot different than just chiming in backup vocals when you're behind the drums. So I was nervous, and actually when recording the first Foo Fighters record, I had never belted it out in the studio before, so I didn't know what my voice sounded like."

Grohl told USA Today that the theme of his address will be that the music industry needs to respect the musician, saying, "The reason (Foo Fighters) have survived this long is that people have let us be ourselves. You know why that Adele record is huge? It's because it's a human being singing about something real. It's awesome. It sounds great."

Following his keynote, Grohl and his Sound City Players will play Thursday night at the festival. The ensemble consists of musicians who were involved in Sound City, Grohl's recently released documentary about the legendary and now defunct Los Angeles studio.

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