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A new mini-documentary has surfaced online about the upcoming reissue of Above, the lone album from mid-'90s grunge supergroup Mad Season. According to Antiquiet, the short clip chronicles what went into the decision by guitarist Mike McCready and drummer Barrett Martin to reissue the disc and complete the recording of several unfinished tracks that were meant for an abandoned second effort.

Above was released in 1995 and certified gold for sales of half a million copies. It yielded two Top 20 rock singles, "River Of Deceit" and "I Don't Know Anything." The group officially dissolved in 1999 following the death of bassist John Baker Saunders, while lead singer Layne Staley of Alice In Chains died three years later in 2002.

McCready told us that revisiting the album has been a bittersweet experience: "It's been a lot of mixed emotions. That was a record I couldn't listen to for a really long time, just because of Layne and Baker both dying, and the darkness that had kind of followed that record. I'm very proud of it, and a lot of fans have come up to me and said that it's their favorite record and it's made a difference in their lives, so that made me kind of happy to know that it did that."

The reissue, due out April 2nd, will contain the original album, an unreleased track called "Locomotive," a remix, and three songs written and sung by Mark Lanegan that were originally intended for the band's sophomore album.

The second disc offers a recording of their final show ever at Seattle's Moore Theatre, while the accompanying video is featured on DVD alongside a New Year's Eve performance in Seattle and a couple of radio appearances.

McCready's other band, a little group called Pearl Jam that you may have heard of, is currently working on a new album and had booked a handful of dates this summer, including a show at Chicago's Wrigley Field.

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