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Passion Pit singer Michael Angelakos went on Twitter on Sunday night (February 24th) to take a swipe at the film Silver Linings Playbook, a romantic comedy/drama whose main character, played by Bradley Cooper, suffers from bipolar disorder. Tweeting before the Academy Awards -- where the film was up for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director and Best Actress, among others -- Angelakos wrote, "Cheap use of mental health as legs for plot . . . did not like Silver Linings Playbook much at all."

When a fan pointed out that director David O. Russell has a son with bipolar disorder, Angelakos responded, "So?" He later added, "It's very much in right now -- in Hollywood, mind you -- to use mental illness as a way to bring added drama or almost entirely all drama to piece. Be it TV or film, it's lazy and usually, perhaps inadvertently, regressive. That being said, it has to exist in some capacity for discussion. Lets allow Hollywood to dramatize so there can be backlash/discussion."

He later wrote a few more positive comments about the film, saying, "The director, cast and intention all great. Depiction of mental health questionable. That's it."

Angelakos himself suffers from depression and bipolar disorder, which led Passion Pit to cancel tour dates last summer while he sought treatment.

He explained to Rolling Stone last August, "My depression was so bad three weeks ago when we had to cancel everything -- people don't understand this. It was so bad that I was suffering from something called Psychomotor Retardation, which is essentially where your brain starts shutting down your entire body. So you're sitting in bed and can barely move."

Angelakos' tweets received mostly positive support from fans online, prompting him to write, "Great to see people care about the issue. We still have a long way to go."

Passion Pit is currently winding down a North American headlining tour which ends on March 2nd in Salt Lake City. After a jaunt to South America, the band will return home for appearances at Coachella in April and Bonnaroo in June.

The group is touring in support of its second album, 2012's Gossamer, which debuted on the Billboard album chart last August at Number Four.

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